Not much happened, I made a cake for my uncle and took my cousins to Chinese school. That was mainly my day
     Astro test! Pretty easy because of that test review. French was kinda boring of course. After, I went to Blake's pad and we watched a few episodes of HIMYM. Then I went to class. Not much happened, just prepped for our final.
     After class, I took Remi to the library and checked her homework. It kinda just lasted for about 20 minutes. We just chilled at the library, then I took her to Jamba Juice and had potatoe wedges. Then we went home and stayed there till Remi and Wayne's mom picked them up. Bittersweet goodbye.
     Alright, I'm really tired now and I can't focus. Night!!!
     So I ended up not studying. Instead I cleaned my room. I got rid of a lot of things so now I feel more organized. There's still more to throw out, I'm just not ready to part with it yet. I need to make my room as clutter-free as possible. Lol.
     I went to my cousin's super early Christmas party! It wasn't that bad this year! Usually, I'm not a family person so I would just sit there bored out of my mind, but I decided to change things up. I went and played with my baby cousins; Nicole, Remy and Jennifer. I played Barbie with them. Lol! Then, we ate dinner. Oh man! So filling!! Lol. After, I chilled for a bit, then went home to shower. Then, I had to go back! Rawr. I played hot potato with my cousins to win gift cards. Omg! I'm so bad at hot potato! 5 year olds beat me out! So sad. Lol. Anyways, I gave out all my gifts and then went to Carlos' to pick up Blake.
     So, we ended up going to Safeway so he could buy things for his project. Then, I drove him home and decided to go chill inside for a bit. I stayed for a good 30 minutes with Kira there also and then I left. Right as we were walking down, Sky calls me and is like, "What homo drives a Honda Accord?!" and I'm like, "You motherfucker!" Lol. It was funny. He told me that he was about to key my car but he knew it was my car so he didn't.
     So now, I'm at home. Just doing the usual. Lol. I'm going to go to sleep soon. Finals week! EEK! I think it's going to be rainy all this week. Blah. My date with Blake is on Saturday or Sunday, one of those days. What should I do? Lol.