Because you were born, today was a great day.
     I got my test back in Astro. I thought I failed but in fact, I got a C! It's still pretty bad but I'm glad I didn't fail miserably!
     In French we got a practice sheet and I got everything right on it! Tres Facile! Lol.
      I stayed up and watched HIMYM with Blake today. I had energy to keep me awake and not asleep!
     In class, we just glazed and airbrushed our vigan cake, glazed our chocolate bombes and made prentantains. So Lynn didn't want her food so she put it out in the lounge. When I saw it, I was thinking to myself, "The culinary students don't really give us anymore food... Maybe if we donate food to them they'll bring us some" so I brought it over and they were going crazy for it! Then later on, they bought us dishes and dishes of tempura, fried eggplant, onion rings and fried bell pepper. It was so delicious! Best food I've ever had today!
     After class, I dropped off food at Karate, then I dropped off a Bombe at Kim's house (LOL). Then I went and kidnapped Jen. We went to Half Priced where I bought 2 new books and an Elton John Album. It looks so friken cool! It was only $2 also! SWEET.
     Then, we went to get some froyo at our favorite spot. We sat, chilled, ate froyo and just talked. It was really nice and pleasant. Apres, I drove us back to Jen's house were we parked in front of her house and talked some more. I love catching up with this girl. It always feels like we've never been apart or anything! So 10 minutes before 9, we go in and I talk to her mom. Then I help her pop her hood so she can get a tool in the engine from my dad. Good thing they never drove it! Lol.
     So as I was driving home, I noticed that they finally took down those stupid barriers! I can finally feel like the road is open and not enclosed! FINALLY.
     When I got home, I found a package for me so I ripped it open and guess what? My beef gelatin finally came in! I'm so excited to use it! FINALLY! I can finally some of the food we make in class! Nom NOM!
     So yea, now I'm at home. I had an eventuful day today. No school tomorrow! I can finally sleep in till whenever. I still have PCI though, we gotta make sacrifices in life... It's totally worth it though.
     After school, I hung out with Patty. We went to Target, where I bought chips and trail mix. I was craving them! We went over to a scrapbooking store too. Ideas are popping in my head!
    Class was alright. I really felt bad for Lynn; We did worked in pairs to make a chocolate mousse (because it produced way too much) so Serena and I worked together while Lynn and Nancy worked together. I felt so bad because Lynn was doing most of the work; she scaled out everything, then she washed the dishes as Nancy casually made the mousse. Serena and I were kinda like, "WTF?" I felt bad so I helped Lynn a little. After class, I accompanied her to the store room and we talked about Jasmine. I told her not to worry about her anymore and she said that she'll probably just forget about it because her life is chaotic as is. Poor Lynn...
     After class, I had a meeting with Molly about my resume and portfolio and stuff like that. I'm excited to see the outcome of it! I hope I get a job! Lol.
     After that, I met up with Blake; he took care of Milo for me, then I dropped him home and headed to pizza night. It as pretty fun. I had to cut it short because I had to study for Astro.. Ughh! Lol.
     Now I'm at home. Maybe I'll do my Resume tomorrow in class or something.
     At PCI, Serena talked to me about typing up recipes for Lynn and putting them all together in a binder for her so she'll be more organized and stuff. I'm working on section 102 right now. FML!
     In class, we made chocolate Bombe, chocolate charlotte russe cake and baba. The chocolate mousse that we used is delicious! It's so rich and flavorful. "miyam miyam!"
     After class, Serena and I talked to Chef Stephany about the issue. She said that she knew it was going to happen and that we'll all go talk to Chef Alex about it. After that, Serena and I stayed after class and made croissants. I hope they turn out well! It was so peaceful after class, no wonder she likes it so much! I really look up to Serena, she's so knowledgable and wise. It was funny because she was like, "Something I think the things that Nancy say are funny" and I'm like, "What do you mean?" and she told me about today when Nancy was basically bragging about how everybody should know her in Redwood city because of her ex. I was like, "OMG! Forreals!" We talked about how we feel like she's a self-centered person. I can't believe she agreed with me! Lol! We are too much alike.
     This is how I fail at life. After making croissants, Amanda texted me asking me to play softball with her. When I got out I texted her and she didn't respond back so I was just about to head home until she responded. For some reason, I don't know why, I met her, her mom and her sister at Safeway and chilled with them till 8. I drove Amanda home while she was talking only about herself. It's so ironic because she was talking about how Kira never shuts up about herself and how she's so disgusted and how she doesn't care, yet she does the exact same thing... Whatever. So yea, I dropped her off and went straight home.
     After typing up the first recipe on Classic Puff Pastry and all the things you can do with it, I accidentally deleted it! FML! It took me over 2 hours to write it! So I had to speed type it. Ughh. I hate retyping!!! Anyways, I should go to bed now... I hope I don't fall asleep in class!
     Dishwashing is one of those chores which I despise so much. It's so disgusting. These past couple of months, a classmate and I have been constantly doing the dishes. Why? Let's start from the beginning... or the end.
     So Friday after class, when Nancy and Chef left, Serena and I had a talk. We talked about how we felt like Nancy was taking total advantage of us. I understand that she has to leave early on Mondays and Wednesdays to pick up her kids. Totally understand, but the fact that she's the slowest in class and doesn't do ANY of her dishes is what makes me mad. At first, I didn't want to say anything, I didn't want to start any unneccesary drama. But I'm glad that Serena brought it up. At first we were cool with it, doing the dishes and everything, she helped out and did some dishes on occasion, but it has come to the point where she almost never does any of her dishes!
     Everyday in class, while we scale out our ingredients, I try to think of ingredients that can be put together to eliminate dishes. Serena does that also. But Nancy, she scales out every little thing, from spices to salt, seperately in their own individual container. It drives me insane! Mainly because she doesn't do her DISHES! We feel like we're being pentalized for being the fastest in class. Because we're the fastest, we usually go straight to the dishes, but this past week, I've been trying something different.
     Cleaning as I go. Chef doesn't stress that out to us, but I know it's something we definately need to work on. So last week in class, I washed all of my dishes once I got something done. I cleaned it then reused some of the mixing bowls or tools that I had previously used. I feel that it eliminates dishes that don't even need scrubbing, just a good rinse down is good. I also noticed that Serena does the same thing too, and we're still the fastest, yet after class, there are still mounds on dirty dishes.
     Now, you might say, "Well... What about Lynn?" Lynn is very active in our class. Even though she is slow, she still cleans her own tools, she also cleans the back table with all of the ingredients, brings the food back to the store room, and puts back the towels. But Nancy on the other hand... While she has time to do her dishes, she decides to use that time to watch chocolate set, a.k.a. Dry. W.T.F...
     You might think this rant is pointless but really, this is 5 months of frustration built up. I didn't want to say anything because she could easily pull the senority card on me and say something about her kids. Really though, I understand that, but she needs to work on her time management skills. If she knows she has to leave early, then she should work faster, or something to improve. She could easily make an ultimatum for our class. No dishwashing for her when she leaves early, and she'll do the rest the other days. Right? But no... Iono. This is just really frustrating, Serena and I are going to talk to Chef Stephany about it because Serena thinks that Chef has noticed it too, but hasn't said anything. I talked to Lynn about cleaning as I go and I stressed to her about how frustrated I was kinda getting when I saw the mounds of dishes and she says that she'll help with dishwashing more. I'm not sure what to expect with Nancy. She could pull the innocent card on me, or she'll fight it. We'll see...
     This is just a pet peeve of mine, but remember how I absolutely can't stand self-centered people? Well Nancy is one of those people. All she talks about is her and her kids and whatever they do that's irrevelant to school. It's just me though...
     Jimmy and I are in the computer lab skipping astro. We totally walked in, signed in, sat down, and then got up and left. The teacher saw us but there's not much you can do I guess. I do feel kinda bad...
     Recap on yesterday. School was boring. I'll stop blogging about it again unless something significant happens or something. At PCI, we had Chef Stephany again. We just did our thing. After class, Lynn went with me to take out the garbage. I was talking to her about how I really wanted my cake out in the lobby so whoever leaves the elevator will always see it. So Lynn mischeviously wanted to switch my cake with Jasmine's cake. I felt bad at first, but now I'm glad mines is in the front. Chef Stephany noticed that my cake wasn't where it used to and she asked me if it got moved. I told her it did and she was so happy for me! She was like, "YAY! I'm so glad your cake got out front, Jasmine's cake didn't deserve to be there." Now that I think of it, I'm happy my cake is out there. Jasmine didn't really work that hard on her cake in general and you could see it. She had a negative attitude on it and it just wasn't cool...
     Anyways, after class, I stayed a bit, then as I was leaving, I bumped into Molly, who is a staff at PCI. She was like, "Jessica! You cake was favorited 3 times by other baking and pastry alumni's!" I was so shocked I was like, "W-whaat?! Really???" Lol. I'll upload pics of my cake later. It's totally different from everyone else's, maybe that's why they liked it? Iono.
    So after class, I met up with Rachelle and Kim at Sunnyvale. We took black belt class and we totally rocked it. Stephanie was there too. KJN was so stoked that we were there. He brags about his Milpitas team all the time! Lol. It was pretty fun. I'm all sore now.
     So today, I skipped astro and hung out with Jimmy in the computer lab. Not much after. I went to Blake's and we watched HIMYM with Sky. PCI was tiring. There were just 3 people in class today. We glazed our Chocolate mousse cake and made caramel pear cake. After class, I talked with Serena and we were talking about how Nancy gets away with everything. But I'll rant about that later. It's a confusing story.
     So as I was driving home, Kim called and we decided to go get some drinks and talk. It was nice, we went to Sweethearts for about an hour and just drove around looking for things to do. There is absoulely NOTHING to do around here! So boring!!! Lol. So yea. Eventually we just went home. Now I'm at home with nothing to do, except shower. Maybe I'll clean or rant later. We'll see.
     It's like driving down a road with only a certain amount of road visible from your headlights; even though you can only see that bit, you follow your gut and continue to drive on it, hoping to not crash and putting in all of your focus to lead you to your destination because all you need to do is follow and commit to that road, and it will lead you anywhere.
     That was the task that the hobby class had to do today. A company decided to tests students from Santa Clara University to see if they were capable of follow directions with just a page of directions and the raw materials in front of them. They were not allowed help from any of the chefs unless they gave up a "chef card". Why do this? Because these students were potential candidates for them to hire, it was also a test to see who would step up to the plate and lead a group.
     I laughed as I watched my group make pizza. Tearing the dough with their hands and failing miserably on stretching out the dough. I helped them of course, for a sweet price of one chef card, after they got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing for them. It really showed their creativity too. At first, they were on shaky grounds, but they started to shape their pizzas, make a giant calzone and even do a deep dish, meat lovers style.
     After class, Nancy, Lynn and I met up at Elephant Bar with one of Nancy's friends. We just had appetizers and talked about life and our future plans. Nancy's friend was extremely knowledgeable and inspirational; he has great insight on life because of all the hardships he has gone through. What an amazing asian man!
     I got home around 9:30PM and I talked to my mom for a bit. It's slowly getting there. I just told her why I came home late, she also told me to make my uncle a cake for his birthday. I'm hoping to make the cake and glaze it. I need to go shopping first though...
     Long day, pretty tired, and just talking to my babe. The perfect thing to end a long and tiring day.

p.s, I finally took that friken ServSafe test!!! I hope I passed because I'm tossing all those papers away.
     I finally returned my extra toolkit! Yes! Lol. I got to school a little early today and chilled with Jude and Ameet for about 2 good minutes, then I went inside to change. After I changed and dropped off my stuff, I saw Blake, gave him a hug, then later went to talk with Amanda. Good times...
     We have a final tomorrow! Today we made Almond Pear Tart. YUM! We also made classic puff pastry dough and croissant dough for the final tomorrow. Chef added it on.  It was a nice chill day today. I told the class that I was "off the market" and Lynn gave me a hard time but she accepts. Lol! Chef was like, "I KNEW IT!" haha. Oh gosh, they'll never let me live after this! OMG! This chick from the morning class is going to be put into OUR class! Nobody in my class wants her! Apparently she needs special attention and mature people to surround her. Ugh..
     After class, I went to the Great Mall with Kira and Amanda. I guess Kira and I are okay now. We chilled, walked around, and took pics at the Japanese photo booth! Fun fun.
     Then we went to Wal Mart because they both wanted to get their ears peirced. I bought some fabric so I can sew Blake some Pj's! Woot! haha. We went to Quickly's after that. The 2 ladies ordered Strawberry Milk tea (Disgusting!) and Passion fruit milk tea (EVEN WORSE!). Omg, I bought Thai Tea, but it was so watered down! So disgusting! I went to the cashier and told him nicely that it wasn't thai tea and he was such a dick to me! Omg! I was so pissed that I called Wilson Yu and ranted to him. I made him come there so he can tell the guy. As we were waiting for him, we bought some Mochi and enjoyed it. Then Wilson came and spoke to him in chinese. The guy gave me another drink, which still wasn't fixed, but whatever... After Wilson left, we went to Orange Tree and had some froyo. Apparently Wilson's mom was "checking me out". Gross. haha. Orange Tree SUCKS at froyo. But whatever, I didn't pay.
     After, I got dropped off at my car and I went home, showered and now I'm here talking to Blake and Eugene (2 DAYS!). Lol. I'm so sleepy. I think I'm going to sleep soon... Good night!




     So I went to school and kidnapped Jen. We went all the way to Fremont and into half priced books. I bought My Sister's Keeper and Firefly Lane, and also a Jack Johnson CD. Woot! Lol. Then, I took Jen back to school where we went to go see mom. We talked with her till it was 11, then I had to leave for school.
     After, I went to Jeff's place and we went out to Panera Bread for lunch. Yum yum! Then he drove us to school. We made Apple (pear) Pie and Tart Tatine today. They ran out of apples, so I made pear instead. Still yummy! Class was pretty fun. The culinary class made sammys for us. Jeff's class made us Texas food, beef chili and chicken fried steak. Oh man, I was hecka full!
     After class, I went to the Marriot and met up with Lynn. We fixed our pagoda! Sorta. we just took off the bottom roof and the middle base off. It looks better now. Then we stuffed the boxed. Hehe.. I feel bad for cheating, I don't want to win if we cheat, I want to win fairly. But anyways, I just went home after that.
     Now, I'm here blogging, I'm supposed to study.. I fail. LOL! I think I'm going to shower soon, review some French stuff, then sleep.  I'm going to get right on that then. I gotta wake up at 5 tomorrow! EEK!
     I went to PCI super early! I ended up helping Amanda with her gingerbread house and stuff. OMG! Before class started, Blake came in all casually and everything and looked at Kira's "Who House" (That's what I call it). Then he turned and talked to me for a bit. Then he was like, "Oh, are you still mad at me?" and I said yes so he's like, "Okay, I have something for you" and he pulls out this paper card he made me! It was so cute! He drew a little stick figure of me and he wrote a little note inside. I thought it was so awesome! Especially since he really cared that I was "mad" at him in the first place. I really appreciated the little thing he made for me. I was like, "AWW!" and I gave him this really big hug. Lol.
     In class, we just made tarts and stuff. Nothing really special. I kinda felt like I was on Iron Chef or something because Chef was like, "I want to see what you guys can do with mangos, bananas, kiwis, apples, grapefruits, oranges, and some type of leafy thing. It was kinda stressful. Lol. I put too much fruits on mines because I thought it was a fruit tart but it's actually a banana tart or something and those don't have an excessive amount of fruits. Lol. Oh well!
     After class, I met up at Lynn's and transported our gingerbread to her house. We arrived at the Marriot somewhat late. Everybody was there and the whole village was set up. OMG! We had to assemble our stuff together so I was kinda worried and embarassed when everyone was looking. All in all, it turned out great. I really liked it! Then most of us stayed for this litte celebration thing they had for us. It was kinda nice.
     After, Lynn and I went to Alcapolco and met up with Nancy and her bf. We chatted and everything then we went to the karaoke bar. They carded me and told me I had to leave, but Nancy's bf convinced them to let me stay a little longer. Lol. He's pretty cool. Nancy sang karoke and then we left.
     I was going to go visit Blake, but I didn't know if he was off of work yet so I just went home instead. Ughh, I'm so tired! Eugene sounds weird when he's drunk! Lol. Sleep time while talking to Blake. Yay! Honestly, everytime I look at his card, it makes me smile like a retarded girl.
     I didn't have to go to school until 9 today! Woot! Instead, I went to Nob Hill, the gas station and to Walgreens to buy Necowafers and Chocolate covered pretzels. Then, I went to school.
     I hung out with Tiffany today! We went to Le Boulanger. Honestly, I could make all of the things they had there! Lol. After, I went to PCI. I got there pretty early and Blake, Geoffrey, Amanda and Kira all came into my class room and hung out around my table. I gave Blake a hug today! He was mad that Kira left him for a short period of time to go home because he had work and he needed a ride. Lol. We had our final today. I had to make a Basque Cake and Pumpkin bread. I'm pretty satisfied overall with everything. I got 45/50 (because my Basque cake was a little underbaked!!).
    After PCI, I went over to Lynn's and we worked more on the gingerbread. It's coming together very nicely. All we need to do is just to assemble it together! EEK! I hope It'll last for a month! After, I went to Kira's and met Amanda's friend Cody. He's pretty cool, kinda quiet though, but funny. Lol. He better be good to her!
     Then, I went home and waited for Kim to come over. We went to Sweethearts for drinks and calamari. Yum! It was nice. We stayed there till 9 something, then my sister called asking me to get her some KFC so I had to go get KFC. Woo! 40 Hot wings! Lol. They actually gave me 20. Motherfuckers, oh well, we'll get 20 more tomorrow when my parents go and pick up the rest. Alright, gotta shower. BYE!