Quick recap of the day:
-Came sorta late to PCI.
-Learned more on ServSafe stuff.
-Talked to a bunch of people there.
-Ate a Turkey Sandwhich babe made for me.
-Found the secret drinking water supply at school. (yes!)
-Made German Chocolate Cake, and pre-made croissants.
-Practiced glazing a lot of my cakes. (I'm getting there! I made a total of
  9 cakes)
-Bought groceries for Blake.
-Pizza Night avec Darren, Alan, Vince and Perry.
-Delivered some cake to Karate.
-Went with Darren to the Gap to give Alan his Pizza.
-Went back to karate and hung out there for a while.
-KJN Riz came! He paid me for one of my cakes! Lol.
-Went to Darren's house after and dropped off 2 mini cakes.
-Now I'm at home. I need to sleep soon...
charlie's angels
     All hung out today. Around 5PM, I picked them both up and we drove to WC Sunnyvale to visit KJN Riz. We met KJN Terry and talked to her for a bit. After, I drove to the Marriot to check out my pagoda. The valet guy still remembers me! Sweet! Lol. He opened the door for me and everything. We just conversated for bit. Then I drove to Valley Fair.
     We decided to get Jen and Kjn Riz a gift. So we bought Jen and Precious Memories mini statue. It's so cute! The little boy is in a fire truck! Lol. Then I bought Green Tea Gelato. Yum!! We then went to the Disney store and bought Kjn a squirt stuffed animal. We also took a fotocube picture of us to give to them. After that, I drove to Santana Row.
     We walked around, I showed them LB Steak. Then we shopped at Urban Outfitters. I bought this amazing book!
creative cursing
      Amazing. If I remember to, I'll post up daily curses to use! Haha. I'm so excited. Anyways, we just loitered around Urban for a good hour. Then we went to Maggiano's and waited for Jen and Kjn to arrive.
     We got seated around 9PM and just chatted. It was nice. I ordered a half order or Fettecini Alfredo with Mushroom and Chicken. OMG. I swear... It was a friken full order or something! So filling. But yea, Kjn treated us all out. They really liked our gifts! Lol. Yay!!!
    After, we took some pictures and then went our seperate ways. I took Kim and Jenann home and now I'm here. It's almost 12 and I'm pretty sleepy. I miss Blake!

Darren: fuck me gently with a chainsaw
WTF Darren...?
     TK Noodle with the family. I hate it when they drag me around places with them... Ughh. Stupid asian supermarkets!
     I cleaned my room again! Day 2 of decluttering! Eugenie came over a little to help me clean. Key word: HELP. Lol, jkjk. I just threw junk at him and said, "Garbage!" and he put it in the garbage bag. So helpful. Lol.
     At 3 PM, Kim came over and we drove ALL the way to Lathrop. It felt pretty fast! It was a 1 hour drive I think, so not too bad. So, we saw KJN Riz and Jen. It was so nice seeing them again. We talked, had dinner, watched food network, talked, played the "would you rather" game, opened gifts and talked some more, then we went home. KJN and Jen got me a Mulan ornament! Yesh! They also got me an H&M gift card, even though I don't shop there, I get to use it now! Yesh! haha. So yea, we stayed there tilll 8, then I drove home. It was nice seeing them and reconnecting with them again.