AH! I've been super laggy on my post. I apologize! I'm pretty sure my views would be higher if I blogged on time. But ANYWAYS! Recap on yesterday:
     I cleaned the house, Eugene came over, I dropped him off somewhere, I cleaned some more. Then, I went out with Em to get some Chipotle's. So we had some Chipotle's, then we went to the mall and shopped for bit. Then I took her to Guitar Center so I could by my brother's a guitar stand for their Rockband guitars. Yes, I'm a badass sister like that! Haha.
     Darren, Wilson, Perry, and Sam came over. We chilled and watched The Grudge. LOL! I was laughing throughout the whole movie! Mainly because I already watched it. It was funny anyways. Plus Darren and Perry got hecka scared! They left when the cake was about to be cut up and stuff. Fun stuff. Kim and I hecka bonded! Jonathan even came! After a while, Jonathan left so Kim and I chilled. We ended up longboarding to the park and talking at the swings. Then Jonathan came back and chilled with us. It was nice to sit at the monkey bars and just talk. We then decided to go to Tapx. We saw Tien! (My cousin). We just chilled and talked some more. Then at 12, we went back to my place and started to listen to music. Jonathan popped out the guitar and we all did a trio to Simple, Starving to be Safe-Daphne Loves Derby. It was the first time listening to that song. Not bad, we did a recording of ourselves. Jonathan is PRO at guitar! Lol. It was a pretty good recording I must say. At 2 AM, Jonathan went home so Kim and I stayed in my room and talked till 4 AM. Then she went home. Lol. It was nice just bonding with her again.
      After talking to Kim and Jonathan, they really encouraged me to be closer with my family. They gave me ideas and things to do to to be closer with my family. It's gonna be a rocky start but I hope in the end, I'll be comfortable enough to talk to them. 
      Talking to Kim and Jonathan and just chilling with them makes me realize what kinda friends I have. I wish that I realized that in highschool so I could've reevaluated the friends I hung out with. I'm not saying that the group that I hung out with was terrible or anything, they didn't really have the same personality as I did. I also knew from the start that we weren't going to be friends in the long run. Hanging out and talking to them also made me cherish all the friendships that I have right now. My group of friends have shrunken drastically in number although I have a bunch of new friends, I know who my close friends are.
     I want to thank the guys (including Eugene) for visiting me, no matter how random it is. I love that you guys visit me whenever you're bored. I miss being random and spontaneous with you guys. I promise that I'll put best friends before boyfriend. All day, anytime of the day.
     Well... Almost time for brunch. I'm friken starving!!!