Well just for De Anza... I finally got my resume finished, I just need to get retouched and everything so it's perfect. In class, we finished our Caramel-Pear Cake and our Prentantines. Chef also demo'd pulled sugar and he made a sugar piece for one of the Chef's daughter's 15th birthday. It was effin` amazing! I definately want to try a hand in pulled sugar. It's something worth knowing how to do.
     After class, Serena and I stayed for a bit. I made a new Caramel only cake using my beef gelatin and OMG the caramel mousse is to DIE for! Serena and I talked and stuff. I love talking to Serena, I look up to her so much, she helps me so much in class and I really appreciate it.
     After going home, I then made plans with Darren and Wilson and we ended up playing Rockband without Kenny... But Alex Tu came. He's really funny at drums and singing. Then we just talked for about half and hour and then I went home.
     I miss those moments in life when I spend time with the Guys. No matter how much they drive me friken insane, I love them to death and I miss them so much, except Darren, I see him all the time! I cherish those moments that I once took for granted.
     I woke up way too early today, but it was worth it. I met up with Darren, Alan, Perry and Jesse at Darren's place at 8 AM and we headed on the road about half an hour later. Once we got to the AT&T Park in SF for the Giants FanFest, we found parking and made our way in. There were lines of fans dedicated to this special event. Everything was free, so why not? Since we were 10 minutes early, we loitered around and took pictures. I'll steal them from Alan and Darren later. Hehe. Once the line started moving, we slowly blended in with everyone and before we knew it, we were in.
     The first thing we did was buy some garlic fries. Yum! Then we went onto the field, which was actually all dirt because of Motocross. After a while of messing around, we stuck around for an interview of Tim Lincecum. He's really good looking. I remember watching him start when I went to the Giants game with Darren, Wilson and Kenny.
     After, I got my FanFest paper signed by Jeremy Affeldt. I got so lucky! Here's proof!
     Yup, that guy, except he looked a lot nicer when he signed it. Lol. Apres, we loitered around some more. We found upper level clubhouses and we eventually found the bottom clubhouse where the locker rooms were at. First, we went to the home side where everything was roped off, then we went to the visitor's side where we were free to roam. The bathroom and showers were there and I got some free water in the physical therapy room from a water dispenser. Yesh! Good times. We just kept messing around after that.
     Eventually we decided to go to Darren's grandma's house. It's such a cozy house. Darren's grandma is so cute! We then decided to go to fisherman's wharf to get some chowder in breadbowls. Yum! Darren's food kinda attacked me a little while we were eating, a spoon somehow got into my bag too! WTF! Lol. Around 3, we made our way back to the car and went home. I fell asleep on the way home, I was DRAINED! We went back to Darren's place, where only Perry and I stayed for a bit. We talked and eventually all went our seperate ways.
     Now I'm at home, I just cleaned my sister's bathroom, it's so clean and cozy, I didn't want to leave! My room is now all messy and gross and stuff. I'm working on my multitasking with cleaning and watching The Office. It's getting so much better now! Anyways, back to work!

Let's start with yesterday;

  • Venture Crew meeting with Blake; The "leaders" are so Immature. I think I'm going to quit...
  • Tomatina's with Blake, Sky and Em; Super fun and chill
  • Chili's with Blake, Sky and Em; Had some molten lava cake, YUM!


  • Driving to school was scary; My car literally shifted half a lane as I was on my way to De Anza.
  • According to my Astro Teach; "Tomorrow is going to be one of the biggest storms since '89!"
  • No French Test!; It got postponed to tomorrow due to some guy accidentally pulling the fire alarm next door (LOL!)
  • No ServSafe test!; Chef didn't order enough tests, I have to retake on Thursday now... More study time!!!
  • I bumped into the "she devil"; `nuff said
  • Spent time with my babe; He makes me smile
  • Our class was super empty; M.I.A Nancy et Jasmine
  • Pizza Night!; Avec Darren, Perry, Alan, Vince, Alex, Kenny, and Elizabeth plus deux Pizzas
  • Rockband at Darren's house; Hadn't had this much fun with them in a while.
     Let's see... Today, I woke up at 8:30AM, I was pretty much bored so I started to read my book. It's getting really interesting and I'm almost finished with it! Around 10:30AM, I left to go to Darren's house.
     The most randomest thing happened. When I got there, Tim, Tim's GF, and Ami were all there. We all just talked, Ami didn't stay long though, and a little after Kenny arrived, Tim left also. It's nice seeing him, even though I don't know him too well.
     After, Kenny, Darren and I just began to rockband. We bought about 6 new songs and began getting more stars. Wilson arrived LATE, stupid Wilson! This was all for you and you arrived at 12ish! Lol. So yea, we basically just continued to play rockband till we got 900 stars, enough to begin the endless setlist 2! So excited! After that, we all went out to eat Pho. Well... I didn't really eat it, except for the bean sprouts, I wasn't really hungry... plus I didn't have any cash on me. When we got back to Darren's, we just played a few rounds of CoD until I got motion sickness, then I really wasn't much help afterwards... By then it was 8:30PM ish and I had to leave.
     When I got to my cousin's house, I began to watch The Office, but I found Shian and we just chilled in one of the rooms. We went channel surfing and talked for a bit. Nothing much happened afterwards. Geoff called me and wanted to come by to play Katamari, my parents gave me the okay so I drove Shian, Chen and my brothers all home.
     Now Geoff is over playing the Katamari game with my brother, LOL! Friken Losers... While he was doing that, I downloaded a crapload of macbook games for my laptop. Woot! I'm excited to play them all when I get bored... If I even remember to. Geoff is silently dancing to the Japanese music from the game.
     Anyways, Blake is coming home tomorrow! I can't wait to see him, I'm so excited. I might do a Davis trip, hopefully my parents are okay with it. Cross my fingers! Geoff is still over... Friken loser.
shian and i
     Yet again, I'll blog as if it were yesterday.
     So today (Tuesday), I went to Target to buy the WICKED soundtrack. So beautiful... Then I went and picked up Shian. We kinda got lost, but found our way to Valley Fair. We didn't really do much, just walked around and then went to Santana Row and walked around.
    At 1:00PM, we left to go meet up with everyone at the theaters. Shian and I got hecka lost! We got there around 1:30, I thought that was when the movie started so I was going 90 on the highway! Jeeze! When I got there, I saw Arnold and Tomy in line and I asked them if they were late too. Then arnold was like "Wtf? the movie starts at 1:50PM" and I was like WOW! It's all good though, I might've been late if I knew.
     We watched Sherlock Holmes with Arnold, Tomy, Angela, Wilson, Perry, and Alex Tu. That movie was really good! I liked it. It totally reminded me of Psych. I love those types of movies when you have little details which makes sense in the end. Like little puzzels and stuff. Anyways, I liked it in the end.
Sherlock Holmes
     After the movies, Shian and I left and went shopping. I bought a new bag from H&M. I LOVE it!!! Lol. Then we met up with Perry and Wilson, walked around, and then went our seperate ways. We eventually met up with Alan and Towel on their date at Starbucks. Hehe. She's cute, Alan.
     Afterwards, we went back to my place and watched some of 500 Days of Summer. Around 7, we went over to Mountain Mikes for Pizza Night. Wilson, Darren, Perry, Alan, Vince, Alex Tu, Chris Young, Chris' Friend, and Kenny were all there also. We ordered 2 mountain sized pizzas and enjoyed ourselves. It was nice reconnecting with the guys again. After, we just loitered around outside and eventually loitered our way into Marinas. Lol.
    Apres, I drove Shian home and met up with Wilson and Kenny at Darren's house. We went to Wal Mart, then to Boreders, then back to Wal Mart. First, we were looking for the Wicked Soundtrack but those places didn't carry it, then we went back to Wal Mart to buy The Hangover for Darren's mom.
     When we got back to Darren's, we watched one episode of The Office, had some fondue, then I went home.
     I haven't talked to Blake all day, so we basically talked all night, Until 3AM. LOL! It was a good 2+ hours. Anyways, I woke up around 10:30AM today. I did the laundry and made my parent's bed. I'm gonna go take Passport Pics today, then go have froyo with Jenann and Kim. I might go to have dinner with the other ladies... but I don't know if I want to go hangout with them. I'm still bothered by the comment that one of them made... But then again... I might go to WC Sunnyvale today! So then I WON'T be able to dine. Hehe...
     Pictures will be up Later!
     Today [Yesterday] was fast pace at school. We made a bunch of yule logs; we frosted them, and made it look like a log, we also made a bunch of decorations for it. After the yule log excitement, we just put together our black forest cake. Yum! Chef told us to freeze it so we had to complete it tomorrow. Chef Udo was so mad! He was like, "YOU DON'T FREEZE BLACK FOREST CAKES! IF YOU WERE IN GERMANY, THEY'D SHOOT YOU!" (He's German, obviousy). But no, they don't hate each other, Chef Udo was just complaining.
     After class, Amanda came over and helped me with my PJ's. Then I went to pick up the mushroom from Kim and headed over to Geoff's house. Jeremy and Paul were both there. OMG! They keep making fun of me about Brent. Jeeze! Yes, Brent, Geoff's roommate. But yea, they made some delicious mushroom risotto. After a while, the guys left so it was just Geoff and I. We ended up watching Salon Takeover. HECKA GOOD! That fat lady is such a prick! She has the ugliest hairstyle also!
     Around 11ish I think, I took Amanda over to Blake's pad so she can get her stuff. We stayed there for a bit then us 3 went downstairs and talked for HOURS outside. It was cold but I'm glad I got to cuddle with Blake! He's so warm. Hehe. After I dropped Amanda home, I went home and waited for Wilson to come.
     Wilson and Kenny came to borrow an angled screwdriver to fix Darren's car. Then they went home. Anyways, I got to stay up and finish Blake's gift now. Night!
     We made decorated our carrot cake and made chiffon cake yesterday. I need to really work on my icing/frosting technique... Class felt slow but time flew by quickly! Chef Stephany was our chef today.
     After class I headed home, dropped off the carrot cake and showered. Then I headed over to Darren's house. When I got there, Wilson and Darren were playing water pong. After their game, Wilson and I battled it out against Kelly and Amanda Berryhill. We won 2 games and lost the last. Then Kenny and Darren went against them, they magically won! Haha. Friken hustlers! But yea, Waterpong was fun! After, we enjoyed a few slices of pizza. Yes, I'm a fatty, then we payed rockband. By the end of the night, my voice was shot so I had to rest it for a bit. I think the guys like Blake. They keep screaming his name. LOL!
     So today was full of cleaning. I cleaned my room, cleaned my parents room and sorta cleaned their bathroom. Then I de-cluttered the halls and just tried to make everything look as pretty as possible. Eugene came over. We had a heart to heart talk.
     To my so called "friends": I also got a call from Wilson Yu... Let's just say, now I know what my "friends" talk about when I'm not around. This is why I know for a fact that we wont be friends in the future. And if, for some crazy reason, I end up being friends with them, I'm going to make damn sure that I cut connections with them. I don't want to be around a group of people who are so judgemental. This is also why I don't have many friends who are girls... If it pisses me off even more, I'll actually rant about them in future blogs, but right now, I can't even look them in the eyes...
     To the rockband group: Sorry if I seem to be angry at you guys. I'm not. I'm not trying to avoid you guys or anything either. I didn't mean to skip out on Christmas In The Parks! I really wanted to go but I didn't know that it'd be on thursday instead of friday. If I wanted to, I would've gone to Ihop also! But my parents told me to get home at a certain time and I was still up in the hills... ANYWAYS! I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't want to hang out with you or if I was avoiding you guys, I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH and I would never do that!