On Saturday, I took Jen to Chowder Fest in Santa Cruz on the boardwalk! We made it alive! Lol. We first looked for Chef Tomm's booth. When we found it we decided to go looking around for things to do. We ended up going into this haunted house thing. HECKA SCARYY! Jen kept screaming! It was so dark though, I couldn't see anything.
     After that, we went to a deserted part of the beach and layed there, took some pics and talked. When it was time to eat chowder, Jen and I ventured off and went to booths that we thought was good. Jen thinks that Chef Tomm's Chowder was the best. Of course. Lol.
     After that, we crossed this old bridge thing. It was so scary! I was scared I was going to fall, unfortunately, I didn't know there was a newer walkway on the side. FML. After crossing that, Jen and I decided to go explore the neighborhoods. We found an abandoned house and got into it's storage spot. This person had really nice antique furniture! I'm so jealous!
     Around 3, we made our way home, I dropped off Jen and got ready to go to Sacramento.
     My uncle drives so slow! It's friken nerve racking! I ended up falling asleep though. When we arrived in Sacramento, I wasn't feeling well. We didn't really do much over the weekend. I helped my dad out on Sunday fixing up the house and stuff.
     When we got home, I talked to  Blake on the phone for a while, then went to bed around 9ish.
     I woke up at 5 in the morning, hecka randomly and I couldn't fall back asleep! It was torture. But I ended up sleeping. Now I'm all sore and whatnot. I skipped out on De Anza and I'm probably going to stop by PCI for a little bit, just for the demo. I think that if I leave school early, I'm gonna go talk to Amanda about everything, like how no one likes her and the whole Bryce thing. Ughh. Does being sick make me do irrational things? Whatever, she needs to hear it. I'm not gonna "sugar coat" anything and I'm gonna tell her straight up. It's for the best and I'm tired of seeing her depressing status updates on facebook. C'est la vie.
     Because you were born, today was a great day.
     I got my test back in Astro. I thought I failed but in fact, I got a C! It's still pretty bad but I'm glad I didn't fail miserably!
     In French we got a practice sheet and I got everything right on it! Tres Facile! Lol.
      I stayed up and watched HIMYM with Blake today. I had energy to keep me awake and not asleep!
     In class, we just glazed and airbrushed our vigan cake, glazed our chocolate bombes and made prentantains. So Lynn didn't want her food so she put it out in the lounge. When I saw it, I was thinking to myself, "The culinary students don't really give us anymore food... Maybe if we donate food to them they'll bring us some" so I brought it over and they were going crazy for it! Then later on, they bought us dishes and dishes of tempura, fried eggplant, onion rings and fried bell pepper. It was so delicious! Best food I've ever had today!
     After class, I dropped off food at Karate, then I dropped off a Bombe at Kim's house (LOL). Then I went and kidnapped Jen. We went to Half Priced where I bought 2 new books and an Elton John Album. It looks so friken cool! It was only $2 also! SWEET.
     Then, we went to get some froyo at our favorite spot. We sat, chilled, ate froyo and just talked. It was really nice and pleasant. Apres, I drove us back to Jen's house were we parked in front of her house and talked some more. I love catching up with this girl. It always feels like we've never been apart or anything! So 10 minutes before 9, we go in and I talk to her mom. Then I help her pop her hood so she can get a tool in the engine from my dad. Good thing they never drove it! Lol.
     So as I was driving home, I noticed that they finally took down those stupid barriers! I can finally feel like the road is open and not enclosed! FINALLY.
     When I got home, I found a package for me so I ripped it open and guess what? My beef gelatin finally came in! I'm so excited to use it! FINALLY! I can finally some of the food we make in class! Nom NOM!
     So yea, now I'm at home. I had an eventuful day today. No school tomorrow! I can finally sleep in till whenever. I still have PCI though, we gotta make sacrifices in life... It's totally worth it though.
     Not much happened today. I aced my french test... again. Visited my babe while Amanda was over. $1 Oatmeal Wednesdays at Jamba. Mmm!
     We had Chef Sam today. We thought that he was going to be all mean and yell at us and stuff... But surprisingly, he didn't! He was super nice, he cleaned his own messes, cleaned his own table, and helped put away food that needed to go back to the store room! I was so surprised! He's definately different than Chef Alex. I kinda like having Chef Sam. I had my doubts, but I was wrong.
      My cake looks better the more you stare at it. I wonder what Chef Alex thinks of it...
     After class, I immediately left to go to the Great Mall to watch Dear John with Jen and Allyson. Unfortunately, Allyson couldn't stay so Jen's sister drove her home. It ended up being Jen, Rochelle, Junette, Kirsten and I. They came HECKA late! But our seats weren't that bad. We sat in the front though.
     What can I say about Dear John... Channing Tatum is definately gorgeous, although I personally think that he is okay as an actor. At the beginning, I was skeptical, but knowing the novels that Nicholas Sparks have written kept me hopeful. In the middle of the movie, that's when things got good. Towards the end, it got better, but unfortunately, the ending made me go "Wtf?!" Everything was predictable, but it was still cute, funny and sad. I couldn't help told in those few tears. All in all, the movie was Okay. You'll have to watch it to make a judgement yourself of course.
     After the movie, we hung around a bit for a few minutes, then made our way home. I seriously need to upload those pics on my sister's camera. There's no more memory for me! Why did my camera have to break? Why?
     Blake spent the WHOLE day with me! Lol. He watched me frost and decorate a small strawberry shortcake. I'm getting better! I just need to be quicker. But anyways, we practiced a lot on our chocolate piping. I have to admit, I'm getting better! Yesh!
     After that, we played some Nazi Zombies, drove my grandma to Oceans, went out to eat at Subway, played more Nazi Zombies then watched How I Met Your Mother. WOOT! Haha. So funny. That's what we basically did till 6. Around 6, I took him to my cousin's house for my Grandma's birthday. All my aunts and uncles were like, "Is that your Boyfriend?!" haha. I just smiled and said that he's Blake. We didn't stay for long, we had dinner, sat around and talked for a little, then left to go pick up Kira from the airport.
     I hecka didn't recognize her! If I was just picking her up myself, I wouldn't have noticed. But yea, we drove back to Milpitas to switch cars, then I went back to my cousin's house while they went home. When I got there, we played Cranium, it was pretty fun. I was my sister's partner so of course we were winning. Lol. But anyways, Blake forgot his phone in my car so He came over later to pick it up. He actually stayed till about 1 in the morning. We watched a few more episodes of How I Met Your Mother and just chilled. He almost slept over, but my mom didn't let him. One day maybe. Lol.
     Anyways, I think I'm gonna watch some of The Office right now or something. So bored...

From Jen's Formspring:

If you were to choose a sport as your career job when you get older what would it be?

lacrosse, even though I’ve never played it in my life, its a good excuse to beat the living crap out of each other. but if that doesn’t work out, then id choose soccer, I’m good at defense ^__^ JESSICA! STOP ASKING MY THESE RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!

if you could switch bodies with anyone in the world and stay like that forever, who would it be? and you can’t say yourself!

I didn't ask that sports question Jen!
charlie's angels
     All hung out today. Around 5PM, I picked them both up and we drove to WC Sunnyvale to visit KJN Riz. We met KJN Terry and talked to her for a bit. After, I drove to the Marriot to check out my pagoda. The valet guy still remembers me! Sweet! Lol. He opened the door for me and everything. We just conversated for bit. Then I drove to Valley Fair.
     We decided to get Jen and Kjn Riz a gift. So we bought Jen and Precious Memories mini statue. It's so cute! The little boy is in a fire truck! Lol. Then I bought Green Tea Gelato. Yum!! We then went to the Disney store and bought Kjn a squirt stuffed animal. We also took a fotocube picture of us to give to them. After that, I drove to Santana Row.
     We walked around, I showed them LB Steak. Then we shopped at Urban Outfitters. I bought this amazing book!
creative cursing
      Amazing. If I remember to, I'll post up daily curses to use! Haha. I'm so excited. Anyways, we just loitered around Urban for a good hour. Then we went to Maggiano's and waited for Jen and Kjn to arrive.
     We got seated around 9PM and just chatted. It was nice. I ordered a half order or Fettecini Alfredo with Mushroom and Chicken. OMG. I swear... It was a friken full order or something! So filling. But yea, Kjn treated us all out. They really liked our gifts! Lol. Yay!!!
    After, we took some pictures and then went our seperate ways. I took Kim and Jenann home and now I'm here. It's almost 12 and I'm pretty sleepy. I miss Blake!

Darren: fuck me gently with a chainsaw
WTF Darren...?
     TK Noodle with the family. I hate it when they drag me around places with them... Ughh. Stupid asian supermarkets!
     I cleaned my room again! Day 2 of decluttering! Eugenie came over a little to help me clean. Key word: HELP. Lol, jkjk. I just threw junk at him and said, "Garbage!" and he put it in the garbage bag. So helpful. Lol.
     At 3 PM, Kim came over and we drove ALL the way to Lathrop. It felt pretty fast! It was a 1 hour drive I think, so not too bad. So, we saw KJN Riz and Jen. It was so nice seeing them again. We talked, had dinner, watched food network, talked, played the "would you rather" game, opened gifts and talked some more, then we went home. KJN and Jen got me a Mulan ornament! Yesh! They also got me an H&M gift card, even though I don't shop there, I get to use it now! Yesh! haha. So yea, we stayed there tilll 8, then I drove home. It was nice seeing them and reconnecting with them again.
     Yesterday, I picked up Allyson and Jen and we went to Verde. Hecka fun! We talked and caught up so well. It's nice to hear about how well the group is doing. I only miss a selected few from that group of "sophomores" by the way.
     After Verde, I went home to drop off a pearl drink for my momma. Then I took them to where Geoff lives. When we got to Alum Rock, they needed to pee so I had to make a detour. We somehow ended up in a mexican church... Their bathrooms were HECKA nice!!! We went in, used the latrine, and went out. Like friken NINJAS!
     So, the most embarassing thing happened to me... As I was driving to show the ladies the view and where Geoff lived, I turned the corner, pointed to the house, and as I did, Brent, the 29 year old roomie, popped out of nowhere and was looking at my car. I was hecka freaking out and tried to do a quick smooth U-ie, it didn't work but I got out of there as fast as possible. He probably thinks I'm weird now... I should've played it off and got out of the car and asked for Geoff... So embarassing...
     We had time to kill so I took the ladies to meet Blake. They LOVED him! That night was almost ruined though, Kira and Amanda were there and Amanda was depressed as hell... Enough about them. But yea, us 4 had a pretty good convo going. I'm glad that they like him! They APPROVE! Lol. They also really like Sky and Em. It was nice just talking with Sky, Em, Blake, Jen and Allyson. I felt like they really connected with this group. I can't wait till the rest of you guys meet them! Lol.
     We left around 7ish and I took Allyson home, then Jen and I decided to be random so we went to Eugene's house. He later came out and we chilled in my car and just talked some more. Then I took Jen home.
     Game night! Hecka fun! We played 3 rounds of Payday, then we played Mario Party 2. OLD SCHOOL! We popped out the N64 and battled it out. In the end, I won! Hehe. I got super lucky though.
     I love hanging out with those ladies. I know that these are the people I can instantly connect with no matter the distance. We're a bunch of spontaneous girls with big dreams and we do the most randomest things ever. We go out and explore the world! I love you guys!
     Anyways, It's 12:20 AM right now. I'm going to bed now. Good Night!!! Plans for tomorrow: do laundry, reorganize tool kit, PCI, and venture meeting. Things I need to work on: spending time with family & spending less time with Amanda. I just need a break from her right now...




     So I went to school and kidnapped Jen. We went all the way to Fremont and into half priced books. I bought My Sister's Keeper and Firefly Lane, and also a Jack Johnson CD. Woot! Lol. Then, I took Jen back to school where we went to go see mom. We talked with her till it was 11, then I had to leave for school.
     After, I went to Jeff's place and we went out to Panera Bread for lunch. Yum yum! Then he drove us to school. We made Apple (pear) Pie and Tart Tatine today. They ran out of apples, so I made pear instead. Still yummy! Class was pretty fun. The culinary class made sammys for us. Jeff's class made us Texas food, beef chili and chicken fried steak. Oh man, I was hecka full!
     After class, I went to the Marriot and met up with Lynn. We fixed our pagoda! Sorta. we just took off the bottom roof and the middle base off. It looks better now. Then we stuffed the boxed. Hehe.. I feel bad for cheating, I don't want to win if we cheat, I want to win fairly. But anyways, I just went home after that.
     Now, I'm here blogging, I'm supposed to study.. I fail. LOL! I think I'm going to shower soon, review some French stuff, then sleep.  I'm going to get right on that then. I gotta wake up at 5 tomorrow! EEK!