It's interesting on how a second could change everything. Because I left the house at that exact time, and because I decided to go in the carpool lane in that exact moment, I got that exact parking spot. What's so great about the parking spot? It was right next to Patty's car. A second too late means that someone could've taken that spot. A second too early means that Patty might not have been there. But it was timed just perfectly. Look at it this way, if I didn't park next to Patty, she wouldn't have called me and I wouldn't have switched cars to sit in hers. Therefore, I would've walked alone to class, waited outside of Patty's class, which she didn't go to, and assumed she didn't make it to school today. Which also means that I would've sat alone in Astro today. But good thing none of that happened!
     After De Anza, I went straight to school, bumped into Amanda, and was ABOUT to take my ServSafe test when... What do you know? It hasn't been mailed yet! FML! Lol. Oh well. One more day to "study"! As I left, Amanda asked to borrow money (approximately $200) so she can help out that douchebag that's using her. In my head, I was like "FUCK NO! I'm not gonna help out that asshole. I'll never get my money back!" But I told her that I didn't have any cash on me. Who carries $200 on them?
     Long story short, as I get back to the apartment, Blake wasn't there, so I ended up making food and watching I Am Legend. He came back, we watched some more I Am Legend. Went to school.
     We made Souffle today! I had to do it twice since I messed up the first time. Not much happened...
     Blake picked my up after class and I chilled at the appartment with Em and Blake for a little, then I left to run some errands. Now, I'm at home and craving some eggs, specifically the yolk. Yum!!
     If only it could be plaid... As I was walking to my class at De Anza, I thought about how awesome it would be to walk up to a person that was misfortunate and share my umbrella with them. But... I didn't find anyone that was walking my way. Maybe tomorrow? I need to build up my karma points... and my network.
     Oh how I love to walk around in the rain. If only I had rainboots to complete this endless bliss. I found that it doesn't matter if my socks and shoes are wet, if I blast the heater on towards my feet in the car, it'll dry it up! nice and toasty! Hehe.
     I spent some time with Blake, before PCI. I was trying to take a nap until this extremely loud thunderstorm boomed down! It set off my car alarm! It was pretty hilarious.
     We made Tiramisu and Hazelnut Daquoise in class today. We'll get it tomorrow! Ew.. I despise Gelatin! Bleh.. Some girl in the new culinary class fainted today, you know what they say, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." Lol, jk... No really.
     After class, I had pizza for the 3rd night in a row with Em and Blake. Yum! Lovin` Pizza Hut! We hung out for a bit, played some scene it, and I sparred Blake. I won of course. White guys can't spar, it's hilarious!! Love! After a while of me talking nonsense because I was sleepy, I went home.
     So now I'm at home. I've been on the PC for quite a while now... I should go now because it's getting late (11:42PM)... Night loves!

     It was interesting but so boring at the same time! I couldn't help myself. Patty was out cold too! Lol. French was alright, nothing special.
     After class, I went over to Blake's place. Since Sky and Em were still sleeping, Blake and I just chilled in his room. After they woke up, we went out and I made myself some toast. After a little while, I went to school. Blake didn't come with me because he was sorta sick.
     Class was alright this time. Chef got mad at us for being too slow. But on the bright side, we made strawberry shortcake!
     After, I decided to make some soup for Blake, so I went to Safeway and bought Cream of Chicken for him and a bunch of other food; Ore Ida, 2 frozen pizzas, ham slices, turkey slices, and arizona. It's all for them to enjoy and stuff since I go there and steal food anyways... So yea, I went back to the apartment and made some soup for him. By then he was already getting better. We enjoyed dinner together and watched Public Enemies, well what was remaining. Anyways, around 9:30, I had to leave so Blake walked me down to my car. When we got there, another car parked behind me! They left a note saying "This is my spot, next time dont park here. There's parking on Cypruss. Come get me at B104 and I will move my car"
     So we went and looked for that apartment. At first, no one answered, so Blake tried to move my car so we can back it out, but he couldn't. Then we went back and tried again. In the end, this lady came out, she was really nice and friendly and stuff and just simply moved our car, no problem. Lol. So emabarassing though! But I got really lucky. I thought it was going to be a douche who was going to yell at me for parking in the wrong spot.
     I went home after that and took a shower. Now I'm here... I was going to retype some of my notes for Jasmine, this girl in my class, but I came home late... I hope Serena will type it up for her.
     Today was such a fun day! Long, busyful, cold, yet fun day. Let's just jump straight into the date.
     So I picked up Blake and we went to Asian McCarthy to get some Quickly's. Fucking Quickly's doesn't take debit so we had to wander all over the place in the rain for an ATM machine. We ended up going back there (after we got the money) to buy our drinks. Blake definitely likes it better.
    After, we made our way to The Tech Museum. It took us forever to find the parking garage, FAIL! We got lucky though, free pass today so we didn't have to pay to enter. Woot! I hoped he liked it, it's totally a children's place though. We explored and stuff. After an hour or so, we left.
     Next was christmas in the park. It wasn't dark or anything, but the decorations were all up and pretty. It was nice. We ended up walking to the Art Museum right across the street. Blake paid and we looked at art. It was really nice. Artwork is just so peaceful, it says a lot, yet doesn't say enough. It's amazing how much time someone puts into a piece and actually thinks of the idea to do it in the first place. Crazy stuff. I love looking at art.
     After, Blake was getting hungry so we ended up walking to The Old Spaghetti Factory. So delicious! I couldn't finish my food though. I feel bad that I wasted food! Blake took my plate and gave it to the waiter so I wouldn't stuff myself to death. Gosh! Lol.
     Then we headed back to Campbell to look for a good theater, nothing good was on so we just went back to Blake's pad. He pulled out the air matress into the living room and we watched Oceans Eleven. Towards the end of the movie, Sky and Em came home. We finished the movie, chatted and Sky put up the (fake) tree, decorations and christmas lights. It's so pretty! Lol.
     At 10, I had to leave so Blake walked me to the car. We hugged and he was like, "See you tomorrow... wait. yea I will, at school." So I said something about Chef Alex making fun of us, and he said, "Want to make it official so you could tell him?" and of course, I said yes, so I guess we're official! Lol!
     I'm hungry. I kinda want to eat something, but I already brushed my teeth. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Lol. Man, chef is gonna give me beef for the rest of my life! But, it's worth it.
     -Banhzaii (12.13.09)