Patty and I skipped school today. We went back to her house, kidnapped Bianca, got some Starbucks, visited Danyelle, then went shopping at the Great Mall. I didn't buy anything though. We took some pictures in the japanese photobooth because Bianca always wanted to take pics there.
     After, I dropped them home and went to PCI. On the way there, I totally thought up another design. Music. Bottom: Piano Keys, Middle: music notes on a staff, Top: A free style of notes and cleffs. As I got to school, I quickly sketched out my vision, and in the end, that's what I chose. I'm so excited! It's going to be a black and white cake, mainly white, and some silver to accent some main parts. I'm so excited. So we just covered our cakes with fondant. Then I started on my bottom tier, I scaled everything out and started making lines to where the keys were going to be at. I'll take picture updates forsure!
     After a long day of class, my classmates and I met up at Chilis and had dinner. We talked a lot and just enjoyed the company. Everyone, except me, drank... Sadly.. Lol. Although I DID have a mango iced tea. Yuum. Lol.
     I went home around 8ish and started making an angel food cake for KJN's birthday. I was just going to make the cake and finish it off tomorrow, but I ended up frosting it and putting together the cake. I would say that in total, it took me 5 hours, with baking time and all. I think the cake looks alright... It's pretty wrinkly and lopsided, but I never make a fondant cake with Angel food before so I didn't know what to use for the frosting (toasted coconuts with whipped cream). Bad Idea... I shall keep experimenting on this then. So yea, he has a square cake that looks like a present. I also made a superman seal out of fondant. I'm knda excited to eat it. I hope it tastes better than it looks! Blah.