Sometimes I think my friends do Salvia... But that's a story for later on.
     Today at PCI, we had a career fair. I was so nervous but I think I did pretty well. I had an interview from a guy who owns and runs Morroco. It's a restaurant but I don't really want to do a restaurant. I also got the head chef of Left Bank to request me. He said he'll put me at the top of the list! It's all thanks to Chef Alex of course, he has all the hookups and stuff.
     In class, we began a new section; Advance Plated Desserts. I'm so excited! We're working with passionfruit and stuff like that. Exciting stuff. We had so much downtime that we made crepes and french toast. Yum!
     I stayed a bit after to work on croissants as usual. I made two doughs so tomorrow I'll be able to work on it and form it and stuff.
     Then I went to pizza night. I was so drained! It was fun though, I kept dropping my pizza. Lol. Fail. Afterwards, we all went to Darren's house where Darren, Alan, Vince and Perry made random videos. This is the part where I think they're on salvia. They were screaming and Meowing like crazyy! Anyways... I can't really say much, it was fun for the most part, but someone went a little too far...
     Anyways, I got home around 10ish and I have a house full of people! WTF! No wonder my mom didn't call me... Anyways, I have to finish my hw, then probably go to bed. So exhausted and drained...
     No deep thoughts for the night. Sorry!
     At PCI, Serena talked to me about typing up recipes for Lynn and putting them all together in a binder for her so she'll be more organized and stuff. I'm working on section 102 right now. FML!
     In class, we made chocolate Bombe, chocolate charlotte russe cake and baba. The chocolate mousse that we used is delicious! It's so rich and flavorful. "miyam miyam!"
     After class, Serena and I talked to Chef Stephany about the issue. She said that she knew it was going to happen and that we'll all go talk to Chef Alex about it. After that, Serena and I stayed after class and made croissants. I hope they turn out well! It was so peaceful after class, no wonder she likes it so much! I really look up to Serena, she's so knowledgable and wise. It was funny because she was like, "Something I think the things that Nancy say are funny" and I'm like, "What do you mean?" and she told me about today when Nancy was basically bragging about how everybody should know her in Redwood city because of her ex. I was like, "OMG! Forreals!" We talked about how we feel like she's a self-centered person. I can't believe she agreed with me! Lol! We are too much alike.
     This is how I fail at life. After making croissants, Amanda texted me asking me to play softball with her. When I got out I texted her and she didn't respond back so I was just about to head home until she responded. For some reason, I don't know why, I met her, her mom and her sister at Safeway and chilled with them till 8. I drove Amanda home while she was talking only about herself. It's so ironic because she was talking about how Kira never shuts up about herself and how she's so disgusted and how she doesn't care, yet she does the exact same thing... Whatever. So yea, I dropped her off and went straight home.
     After typing up the first recipe on Classic Puff Pastry and all the things you can do with it, I accidentally deleted it! FML! It took me over 2 hours to write it! So I had to speed type it. Ughh. I hate retyping!!! Anyways, I should go to bed now... I hope I don't fall asleep in class!
     Not much happened today. I aced my french test... again. Visited my babe while Amanda was over. $1 Oatmeal Wednesdays at Jamba. Mmm!
     We had Chef Sam today. We thought that he was going to be all mean and yell at us and stuff... But surprisingly, he didn't! He was super nice, he cleaned his own messes, cleaned his own table, and helped put away food that needed to go back to the store room! I was so surprised! He's definately different than Chef Alex. I kinda like having Chef Sam. I had my doubts, but I was wrong.
      My cake looks better the more you stare at it. I wonder what Chef Alex thinks of it...
     After class, I immediately left to go to the Great Mall to watch Dear John with Jen and Allyson. Unfortunately, Allyson couldn't stay so Jen's sister drove her home. It ended up being Jen, Rochelle, Junette, Kirsten and I. They came HECKA late! But our seats weren't that bad. We sat in the front though.
     What can I say about Dear John... Channing Tatum is definately gorgeous, although I personally think that he is okay as an actor. At the beginning, I was skeptical, but knowing the novels that Nicholas Sparks have written kept me hopeful. In the middle of the movie, that's when things got good. Towards the end, it got better, but unfortunately, the ending made me go "Wtf?!" Everything was predictable, but it was still cute, funny and sad. I couldn't help told in those few tears. All in all, the movie was Okay. You'll have to watch it to make a judgement yourself of course.
     After the movie, we hung around a bit for a few minutes, then made our way home. I seriously need to upload those pics on my sister's camera. There's no more memory for me! Why did my camera have to break? Why?
     Today was such a fun day! Long, busyful, cold, yet fun day. Let's just jump straight into the date.
     So I picked up Blake and we went to Asian McCarthy to get some Quickly's. Fucking Quickly's doesn't take debit so we had to wander all over the place in the rain for an ATM machine. We ended up going back there (after we got the money) to buy our drinks. Blake definitely likes it better.
    After, we made our way to The Tech Museum. It took us forever to find the parking garage, FAIL! We got lucky though, free pass today so we didn't have to pay to enter. Woot! I hoped he liked it, it's totally a children's place though. We explored and stuff. After an hour or so, we left.
     Next was christmas in the park. It wasn't dark or anything, but the decorations were all up and pretty. It was nice. We ended up walking to the Art Museum right across the street. Blake paid and we looked at art. It was really nice. Artwork is just so peaceful, it says a lot, yet doesn't say enough. It's amazing how much time someone puts into a piece and actually thinks of the idea to do it in the first place. Crazy stuff. I love looking at art.
     After, Blake was getting hungry so we ended up walking to The Old Spaghetti Factory. So delicious! I couldn't finish my food though. I feel bad that I wasted food! Blake took my plate and gave it to the waiter so I wouldn't stuff myself to death. Gosh! Lol.
     Then we headed back to Campbell to look for a good theater, nothing good was on so we just went back to Blake's pad. He pulled out the air matress into the living room and we watched Oceans Eleven. Towards the end of the movie, Sky and Em came home. We finished the movie, chatted and Sky put up the (fake) tree, decorations and christmas lights. It's so pretty! Lol.
     At 10, I had to leave so Blake walked me to the car. We hugged and he was like, "See you tomorrow... wait. yea I will, at school." So I said something about Chef Alex making fun of us, and he said, "Want to make it official so you could tell him?" and of course, I said yes, so I guess we're official! Lol!
     I'm hungry. I kinda want to eat something, but I already brushed my teeth. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Lol. Man, chef is gonna give me beef for the rest of my life! But, it's worth it.
     -Banhzaii (12.13.09)