Pretend this is yesterday, 12/24/09...
     It's Christmas Eve. As I am about to go clean my room, Geoff calls me and reminds me that I have to go over to his house to help him bake. I arrive there around 11 and we commence... sorta. His family friends are over so they took over the kitchen for a bit. In the meantime, we went to Togo's for lunch and we bought some ingredients. As we go home, Brent and Geoff's mom was standing outside. Fucking Geoff, he HAD to yell, "Hey Brent! I got you an asian girl!" I was like, "WOW!" but also laughing at the same time. When we got closer to them, Brent looked at me, then he was like, "Is she really for me?" LOl!!!
     Anyways, most of the people in the kitchen had left so we finally began... after eating lunch of course. We just made a crapload of sugar cookies. It was interesting, Geoff subbed Vani-ex to Almond-ex. The taste is far more superior, I'm going to do that to my cookies now! So I made sugarcookie sandwhiched together with Chocolate ganauche and drizzled with caramel sauce. I also made some regular chocochip cookies. YUM! Geoff premade meringue nests and butterscotch ice cream. It took a long while until we finished. I think we left around 7 PM.
     Jeff lives about 5 minutes away from Geoff. Oh. My. God. His house is absolutely AMAZING! It's 10 times bigger than Geoff's house. I was about to have a friken heart-attack. His house is beautiful! Anyways, we get there and set up, meet people and help serve food. It was such an experience. The food was amazing! Jeff's Auntie also made drinks for everyone, she's like a bartender! She made me a drink too!
     Don't worry, it's non-alcoholic. Lol. Anyways, plates came in and out, washed, dried, then plated for another round of food. Super fun! I got to learn some plating techniques. I HAVE to say that everyone loved our dessert plate the best... Ahem. Lol. They came back for the ice cream, which was uber AMAZING! I'm so inspired to start making ice cream now. Anyways, Geoff was buzzed, actually, everyone was buzzed or drunk. OMG! This girl who got friken wasted passed out on the ground, I tried to help her but she was so friken heavy! Then Paul, a PCI graduate who came to help, came to help carry her to the couch. Man! It was crazy, no one knew what to do. But yea, I was DD for Geoff and I drove him home. We chatted for a bit then I went home.
     I talked to Blake on the phone until i kept dozing off and forgetting what we were talking about. Lol. Sorry babe!
     I just want to say that I have a lot of respect towards Jeff. Yes, he maybe that smoking, beer drinking, party boy, but when you get to know him and the things he went through, you'll understand. Tonight was basically meant for his entire family. Everytime his mom came in to help, he would shoo her away, he would tell her to go and enjoy her self, or when his dad came in to make coffee, he got the servers to clear the table and to make coffee for his dad. You could tell from his eyes that he truly cares for his family. Jeff is a very fortunate person. Although his family is rich and lives in a beautiful house, he doesn't take advantage of that, he uses his own earned cash. I look up to Jeff because he has gone through so much life-changing experiences. Although he lives life on the edge, you know you could always trust him for whatever you want to. He'll be straight up with you but also caring when the time calls for it. I'm glad I've met Jeff, I hope him and his girlfriend gets married and lives happily ever after.
     Today [Yesterday] was fast pace at school. We made a bunch of yule logs; we frosted them, and made it look like a log, we also made a bunch of decorations for it. After the yule log excitement, we just put together our black forest cake. Yum! Chef told us to freeze it so we had to complete it tomorrow. Chef Udo was so mad! He was like, "YOU DON'T FREEZE BLACK FOREST CAKES! IF YOU WERE IN GERMANY, THEY'D SHOOT YOU!" (He's German, obviousy). But no, they don't hate each other, Chef Udo was just complaining.
     After class, Amanda came over and helped me with my PJ's. Then I went to pick up the mushroom from Kim and headed over to Geoff's house. Jeremy and Paul were both there. OMG! They keep making fun of me about Brent. Jeeze! Yes, Brent, Geoff's roommate. But yea, they made some delicious mushroom risotto. After a while, the guys left so it was just Geoff and I. We ended up watching Salon Takeover. HECKA GOOD! That fat lady is such a prick! She has the ugliest hairstyle also!
     Around 11ish I think, I took Amanda over to Blake's pad so she can get her stuff. We stayed there for a bit then us 3 went downstairs and talked for HOURS outside. It was cold but I'm glad I got to cuddle with Blake! He's so warm. Hehe. After I dropped Amanda home, I went home and waited for Wilson to come.
     Wilson and Kenny came to borrow an angled screwdriver to fix Darren's car. Then they went home. Anyways, I got to stay up and finish Blake's gift now. Night!
     Yesterday, I picked up Allyson and Jen and we went to Verde. Hecka fun! We talked and caught up so well. It's nice to hear about how well the group is doing. I only miss a selected few from that group of "sophomores" by the way.
     After Verde, I went home to drop off a pearl drink for my momma. Then I took them to where Geoff lives. When we got to Alum Rock, they needed to pee so I had to make a detour. We somehow ended up in a mexican church... Their bathrooms were HECKA nice!!! We went in, used the latrine, and went out. Like friken NINJAS!
     So, the most embarassing thing happened to me... As I was driving to show the ladies the view and where Geoff lived, I turned the corner, pointed to the house, and as I did, Brent, the 29 year old roomie, popped out of nowhere and was looking at my car. I was hecka freaking out and tried to do a quick smooth U-ie, it didn't work but I got out of there as fast as possible. He probably thinks I'm weird now... I should've played it off and got out of the car and asked for Geoff... So embarassing...
     We had time to kill so I took the ladies to meet Blake. They LOVED him! That night was almost ruined though, Kira and Amanda were there and Amanda was depressed as hell... Enough about them. But yea, us 4 had a pretty good convo going. I'm glad that they like him! They APPROVE! Lol. They also really like Sky and Em. It was nice just talking with Sky, Em, Blake, Jen and Allyson. I felt like they really connected with this group. I can't wait till the rest of you guys meet them! Lol.
     We left around 7ish and I took Allyson home, then Jen and I decided to be random so we went to Eugene's house. He later came out and we chilled in my car and just talked some more. Then I took Jen home.
     Game night! Hecka fun! We played 3 rounds of Payday, then we played Mario Party 2. OLD SCHOOL! We popped out the N64 and battled it out. In the end, I won! Hehe. I got super lucky though.
     I love hanging out with those ladies. I know that these are the people I can instantly connect with no matter the distance. We're a bunch of spontaneous girls with big dreams and we do the most randomest things ever. We go out and explore the world! I love you guys!
     Anyways, It's 12:20 AM right now. I'm going to bed now. Good Night!!! Plans for tomorrow: do laundry, reorganize tool kit, PCI, and venture meeting. Things I need to work on: spending time with family & spending less time with Amanda. I just need a break from her right now...
     It's 9 in the morning right now. I'll blog about my day yesterday then... since I basically was out all night.
     At school, we made carrot cake and we finished off our Devil's Food Cake. OMG! So Much CHOCOLATE. Chef made us do a ganuche to go with it. So we made ganauche, chilled it, took our cake and frosted the inside with ganuche, put the top layer on, then frost it with more gaunache all around. freeze the cake, take the gaunache and turn it into glaze (by heating it and adding some honey and a splash of milk), then glaze the cake so it's all shiny, then take the tempered chocolte shapes from yesterday and decorated the cake with it, take some ganauche and pipe rosettes on a sheet pan, freeze it, take it out,  dust it with cocoa powder, put it on the cake and VOILA! C'est Fini. Lol. It's a lot huh? Omg, I was runing on sugar that whole time doing it. I messed up on my glaze! I didn't work fast enough... But I covered it up with the tempered chocolate. Lol. Hehe...
      After class, Amanda came with me to karate to drop off my super chocolatey cake. Everyone was amazed! Lol. After, we went to Geoff's place. Apparently his roomate, Brent, thinks I'm "gorgeous". LoL! It's funny because when I met him the other day I just said HI and BYE. That was it. According to Geoff, "he left all awkwardly and everything". Haha. It's only because I'm asian.
     Anyways, at Geoff's we watched TV and tried some of his Consumee. Yum! Even though it's only broth, it tasted pretty good. We watched this show, I think it was called Salon Takeover or something like that. Basically, these people have salons that suck balls and this european lady comes and whips them into shape. Hecka interesting!
     Around 11ish, I dropped off Amanda and headed home. I stayed up till 1ish cleaning the house. Lol, I wasn't tired so I was talking Blake and cleaning at the same time. My grandma's work table is now clean(er).
     So I woke up at 8:30 and finished cleaning my grandma's table. Then I sorta re-organized her bathroom. What to do... my mom's bathroom? My room? My brother's room? Too much to clean! It's almost 10! Lol, BYE!