Yea, that's right! Lol. Today was a good day. It's finals week! EEK! Lol. Asher wrote an essay about me and his first paragraph was about how nice I am because I let him interview me. Lol! His whole essay is about me! I feel so special!
     We made Lemon Meringue Pie today. Yum! I didn't eat any though. We made 2 pies, one with meringue and one with a glaze. The meringue died in my car, everything spewed out everywhere while I gave my lemon curd pie to karate. I hope they like it! Lol. After school, I met up with Amanda and we went to pick up Blake. Then we drove to the Marriot but got lost so I let Blake drive. Omg, such a scary driver! I swear that I was going to die! So we got to the Marriot to check up on our gingerbread houses. My pagoda is dying! Its really sad, not gonna lie. I'm so depressed! But whatever.. Can't really do much now can we? After the Marriot, we went to Karate to drop off food, then we went to In-and-out for some dinner. Yum! Then we went to Safeway, Blockbuster, Starbucks (where I bought a tumbler), and Nobhill (where I bought some chips for my sister). Then I went home to drop off the chips and Amanda and Blake met my mom and dad. Man! Blake's trying to win over my family! He was hecka talking to them. Especially my dad! It was friken hilarious! Lol. He's a talker though, not gonna lie.
     After, I let Blake drive home. He dropped off Amanda because she wanted to give us "alone" time. L.M.A.O. So yea, he drove himself home and I got a nice big long... hug. Lol! Now I'm at home. No school tomorrow because of the final! I gotta study big time! Blah. Tonight was fun.
     My day has been busy! I've been getting texts and calls from a lot of people. Lol. I went to TRMS to pick up my brothers. Omg, little children attacking me for money!
     After, I met up with Jimmy at Starbucks near De Anza so we could carpool to the Cupertino library, which is surprisingly super close! Lol. Pretty fun. Shivani and Asher were both there. Asher interviewed me for a class paper thing and he asked about my hertiage and reigion and stuff. After he left Shivani, Jimmy and I tried to study but we didn't really do much. We ended up just talking about personal things and stuff. Lol.
     After Shivani left, Jimmy and I went to Valleyfair to bye gifts and stuff. I was looking for something for Blake but I couldn't think of anything to get him. We ended up walking around, eating dinner and going into stores to look for things. Both of us ended up not getting anything though so yea. It's all good. I get another point! So I paid for dinner and Jimmy felt so embarassed so he went and bought me a drink. Then I told him I was allergic to mangoes and he totally believed me! He was about to go exhange the drink for something else. Buahah! 3-1 baby! Woot woot! Lol.
     So now, I think I should clean. I have a bunch of things to do right now. Tomorrow is the holiday parade! I want to go to support! But I also want to go with Blake. I'm going to ask him if he's free in the morning so we could go. I not... I'll find someone to go with? Iono.