1:08AM - I just got back from watching Wicked with Angela and Wilson. Absolutely AMAZING. If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you watch it.... and hope you don't sit in front of bratty children. RECAP!
     Blake called me to wake me up; my sleep schedule is getting worse! So I did the morning routine and began cleaning. I threw away all the wrapping paper mound that was still under the Christmas Tree. Then I went to My parent's room and tidied up a bit. I made their bed and organized their tables. I also sorta reorganized the bathroom. Then I sat on the bed and started watching World's Strictest Parents. It's pretty interesting I would say. So yea, during commercial breaks, I went downstairs and did laundry, I also rewrote as many notes as possible... I didn't really get that far. I fail at multitasking.
     Around 3:30PM, I started to get ready for WICKED. I left the house around 4:50PM and went to Angela's. I had some of her delicious quesedillas. Yum! Then Angela drove us to the Bart station and we barted to SF.
Ticket Stub
     When we got there, the theatre was right in front of us. We had some time to kill so we headed over to Sam's Diner for some dinner. The waiter and waitress were both really kind, it felt almost homey there. Angela and I ordered hot cocoa and chili cheese fries while Wilson had the hot cocoa and fish & chips. YUM! Lol. While we were waiting, we played the sugar packet game, but with the jelly containers. I got Wilson and Angela, and Wilson got me back. Then we switched over the the Sugar packs which I got Wilson and Angela both again.
Sam's Diner
Hot Cocoa
      After a full stomach, we made our way to the theatre and into our seats. Unfortunately for us, we sat in front of a bunch of bratty, spoiled, stuck up kids who would have rather watched The Office then sit and watch a broadway show. I mean, c'mon! Can you guys just please shut the fuck up? Wilson, Angela and I were annoyed as hell for them. I swear, I was going to take my umbrella and beat the shit out of them! Lucky for them, the show began.
     Long story short. It was Spectacular. From the Choreography to the Acting, from the music to singing, everything was right on cue, everything was perfect. I was in utter amazement from how convincing the actors were, how luring their voices drew me in, how swaying the conductor conducted his orchestra. If only people put that much effort in what they loved...  Pure bliss was I in those 3 hours. I would definately go watch it again, time to purchase the soundtrack!
Us 3
     We took some pictures and had milkshakes before we left SF. We got back around 12 and now I'm here blogging. Good day, fun day. "Tomorrow" awaits yet another full, exciting day. We just all need to go "dancing through life" one day.