Sorry! It seems as if I don't have much time to blog anymore. I get home so late nowadays! Let's see. Main points of the weekend.

- KJN's Bday party! I went with Blake and Kim. Met Alexis (old front desk) and Stephany (old instructor). It's so good to see them again! I also made a cake for KJN.
-Went to Sac to see another house my parents bought to rent out. AMAZING! It's so beautiful and big. I'm so jealous. If I went to Davis, my parents would give me that house to live in. Can you say Partay?!? :D
-Unfortunately, my camera broke once again

-Worked on my wedding cake. Stayed at school till 10. Crazyyy! I finished all my keys on the piano, now I'm onto making the sheet music on the middle tier...

-Finished my cake! I'm glad I finished, but if I had more time, it'd be a lot cleaner. I'm happy it actually turned out though, I was afraid... I'll post pics up later.
-Pizza Night! I came late.. sad. But overall, fun fun. Alex got some boobs! Lol.


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