I played Pool yesterday/today. Around 9ish, Carlos came and picked me up. Omg, he missed the exit and ended up going all the way to Oakland. Fail! So Carlos came and picked me up and we went to pick up his roomate. Then we went to Santa Clara Billiards and played. First game was Carlos and I. I got so lucky! I won! Woot! Lol. Then I played against Anthony, his roomate. Apparently Anthony is pretty good but I guess he wasn't really trying so I beat him also. Then, I went against Blake who came later. Yes, I beat him also. Buaha. I was on FI YA! haha. Then we decided to play teams. Anthony and I vs Carlos and Blake. Unfortunatley, I accidedntly hit the eight ball in the hole, so we lost. Blah.. Haha. Fun night though, forsure. Then Carlos drove me home and I took a quick shower. I totally fell asleep on Blake! I feel so bad! Lol.
     This morning, I had to go to a temple with my mom and brothers. It was freezing out! I wanted to go to the holiday parade but I couldn't. Plus, Blake had work. Anyways, we then went to eat pho with my dad also of course, then to Lucky 7 and now I'm home. I have a party to go to in 2 hours but I'm here blogging. Lol. I'm so tired! My room is so messy! I think I'll clean instead! Hehe.

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