Yay! We just barely made it! We placed 5th. I think it's dinner or lunch or something at the Marriot. So Amanda randomly calls me and was like, "Did you hear about the competition?" and I was like, "No, I didn't hear anything." And she was like, "You got 5th!" and I was like "Sweet!" I wish I got placed higher but something is better than nothing! And plus, I wanted to go into this competition just for the experience. Although I wanted to place, I didn't expect to. Anyways, Geoff is coming over later to play this game on the xBox that he bought. It's jap and starts with a T. Tandum or something? iono...
     You made me love this song! And now, they have it on ROCKBAND2!! I so want to buy it!
Pecker Skank
charlie's angels
     All hung out today. Around 5PM, I picked them both up and we drove to WC Sunnyvale to visit KJN Riz. We met KJN Terry and talked to her for a bit. After, I drove to the Marriot to check out my pagoda. The valet guy still remembers me! Sweet! Lol. He opened the door for me and everything. We just conversated for bit. Then I drove to Valley Fair.
     We decided to get Jen and Kjn Riz a gift. So we bought Jen and Precious Memories mini statue. It's so cute! The little boy is in a fire truck! Lol. Then I bought Green Tea Gelato. Yum!! We then went to the Disney store and bought Kjn a squirt stuffed animal. We also took a fotocube picture of us to give to them. After that, I drove to Santana Row.
     We walked around, I showed them LB Steak. Then we shopped at Urban Outfitters. I bought this amazing book!
creative cursing
      Amazing. If I remember to, I'll post up daily curses to use! Haha. I'm so excited. Anyways, we just loitered around Urban for a good hour. Then we went to Maggiano's and waited for Jen and Kjn to arrive.
     We got seated around 9PM and just chatted. It was nice. I ordered a half order or Fettecini Alfredo with Mushroom and Chicken. OMG. I swear... It was a friken full order or something! So filling. But yea, Kjn treated us all out. They really liked our gifts! Lol. Yay!!!
    After, we took some pictures and then went our seperate ways. I took Kim and Jenann home and now I'm here. It's almost 12 and I'm pretty sleepy. I miss Blake!

Darren: fuck me gently with a chainsaw
WTF Darren...?
shian and i
     Yet again, I'll blog as if it were yesterday.
     So today (Tuesday), I went to Target to buy the WICKED soundtrack. So beautiful... Then I went and picked up Shian. We kinda got lost, but found our way to Valley Fair. We didn't really do much, just walked around and then went to Santana Row and walked around.
    At 1:00PM, we left to go meet up with everyone at the theaters. Shian and I got hecka lost! We got there around 1:30, I thought that was when the movie started so I was going 90 on the highway! Jeeze! When I got there, I saw Arnold and Tomy in line and I asked them if they were late too. Then arnold was like "Wtf? the movie starts at 1:50PM" and I was like WOW! It's all good though, I might've been late if I knew.
     We watched Sherlock Holmes with Arnold, Tomy, Angela, Wilson, Perry, and Alex Tu. That movie was really good! I liked it. It totally reminded me of Psych. I love those types of movies when you have little details which makes sense in the end. Like little puzzels and stuff. Anyways, I liked it in the end.
Sherlock Holmes
     After the movies, Shian and I left and went shopping. I bought a new bag from H&M. I LOVE it!!! Lol. Then we met up with Perry and Wilson, walked around, and then went our seperate ways. We eventually met up with Alan and Towel on their date at Starbucks. Hehe. She's cute, Alan.
     Afterwards, we went back to my place and watched some of 500 Days of Summer. Around 7, we went over to Mountain Mikes for Pizza Night. Wilson, Darren, Perry, Alan, Vince, Alex Tu, Chris Young, Chris' Friend, and Kenny were all there also. We ordered 2 mountain sized pizzas and enjoyed ourselves. It was nice reconnecting with the guys again. After, we just loitered around outside and eventually loitered our way into Marinas. Lol.
    Apres, I drove Shian home and met up with Wilson and Kenny at Darren's house. We went to Wal Mart, then to Boreders, then back to Wal Mart. First, we were looking for the Wicked Soundtrack but those places didn't carry it, then we went back to Wal Mart to buy The Hangover for Darren's mom.
     When we got back to Darren's, we watched one episode of The Office, had some fondue, then I went home.
     I haven't talked to Blake all day, so we basically talked all night, Until 3AM. LOL! It was a good 2+ hours. Anyways, I woke up around 10:30AM today. I did the laundry and made my parent's bed. I'm gonna go take Passport Pics today, then go have froyo with Jenann and Kim. I might go to have dinner with the other ladies... but I don't know if I want to go hangout with them. I'm still bothered by the comment that one of them made... But then again... I might go to WC Sunnyvale today! So then I WON'T be able to dine. Hehe...
     Pictures will be up Later!
     1:08AM - I just got back from watching Wicked with Angela and Wilson. Absolutely AMAZING. If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you watch it.... and hope you don't sit in front of bratty children. RECAP!
     Blake called me to wake me up; my sleep schedule is getting worse! So I did the morning routine and began cleaning. I threw away all the wrapping paper mound that was still under the Christmas Tree. Then I went to My parent's room and tidied up a bit. I made their bed and organized their tables. I also sorta reorganized the bathroom. Then I sat on the bed and started watching World's Strictest Parents. It's pretty interesting I would say. So yea, during commercial breaks, I went downstairs and did laundry, I also rewrote as many notes as possible... I didn't really get that far. I fail at multitasking.
     Around 3:30PM, I started to get ready for WICKED. I left the house around 4:50PM and went to Angela's. I had some of her delicious quesedillas. Yum! Then Angela drove us to the Bart station and we barted to SF.
Ticket Stub
     When we got there, the theatre was right in front of us. We had some time to kill so we headed over to Sam's Diner for some dinner. The waiter and waitress were both really kind, it felt almost homey there. Angela and I ordered hot cocoa and chili cheese fries while Wilson had the hot cocoa and fish & chips. YUM! Lol. While we were waiting, we played the sugar packet game, but with the jelly containers. I got Wilson and Angela, and Wilson got me back. Then we switched over the the Sugar packs which I got Wilson and Angela both again.
Sam's Diner
Hot Cocoa
      After a full stomach, we made our way to the theatre and into our seats. Unfortunately for us, we sat in front of a bunch of bratty, spoiled, stuck up kids who would have rather watched The Office then sit and watch a broadway show. I mean, c'mon! Can you guys just please shut the fuck up? Wilson, Angela and I were annoyed as hell for them. I swear, I was going to take my umbrella and beat the shit out of them! Lucky for them, the show began.
     Long story short. It was Spectacular. From the Choreography to the Acting, from the music to singing, everything was right on cue, everything was perfect. I was in utter amazement from how convincing the actors were, how luring their voices drew me in, how swaying the conductor conducted his orchestra. If only people put that much effort in what they loved...  Pure bliss was I in those 3 hours. I would definately go watch it again, time to purchase the soundtrack!
Us 3
     We took some pictures and had milkshakes before we left SF. We got back around 12 and now I'm here blogging. Good day, fun day. "Tomorrow" awaits yet another full, exciting day. We just all need to go "dancing through life" one day.
     TK Noodle with the family. I hate it when they drag me around places with them... Ughh. Stupid asian supermarkets!
     I cleaned my room again! Day 2 of decluttering! Eugenie came over a little to help me clean. Key word: HELP. Lol, jkjk. I just threw junk at him and said, "Garbage!" and he put it in the garbage bag. So helpful. Lol.
     At 3 PM, Kim came over and we drove ALL the way to Lathrop. It felt pretty fast! It was a 1 hour drive I think, so not too bad. So, we saw KJN Riz and Jen. It was so nice seeing them again. We talked, had dinner, watched food network, talked, played the "would you rather" game, opened gifts and talked some more, then we went home. KJN and Jen got me a Mulan ornament! Yesh! They also got me an H&M gift card, even though I don't shop there, I get to use it now! Yesh! haha. So yea, we stayed there tilll 8, then I drove home. It was nice seeing them and reconnecting with them again.
     When you guys do your special outings and crap without me. I feel like I'm forgotten and left behind...
13723.) I miss being your friend so damn much. I'm too proud to admit it. I hate just walking past you with just a nod of acknowledgment. I want you to tell me you miss me too!

13721.) i lie without blinking everyday, sometimes i believe my own lies, and i forget what is the truth. i dont want to be a bad person anymore, but im scared ill never change.

     I don't want to be ranting on Christmas Day but I'm getting really annoyed by her. I'm glad she's off in Arizona because I seriously need a break from her. Here goes the rant...
     Even though you're my close friend, you're nowhere near being my best friend. Best friends understand each other, we give each other advice and support one another through hardships. Friendships are a 2-way thing and so far you have yet to play your part. Everytime I talk to you, it's always about you and your problems, you and the countless guys you have friken dated, you and your bad decisions. Honestly though, out of that 99% time you're talking about yourself, only 1% of that attention is towards me. And whenever I DO tell my stories, you're response is always, "Yea. Oh. Okay. Mhmm. Nice" You say you respect and listen to the things that I tell you, but honestly, you don't. If you don't like the truth, then don't talk to me about it. Seriously, when you hear something you don't like, like the truth, you totally zone out and just say, "yea. oh, ohay, mhmm" and it fucking PISSES the SHIT out of me!
     I HATE it when you talk crap about Kira. The only reason why I hate it is because you complain the shit about her and then you go and hang out with her the next day. HONESTLY?! if you fucking hate her as much as you say you do, then stop hanging out with her, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Let's look at the math here. Amanda + Kira = ANGRY AMANDA. Amanda - Kira = HAPPY Amanda.
     I feel like you jump from guy to guy way to quickly. Seriously, right after your break up with your ex, you went for Blake, then when I got with Blake, you went for Cody, now that he's out of the picture, you're into Anthony AND Bryce. Seriously WTF. This is like a 3 month time period too, there's no friken rest for you is there? I'm gonna say this straight up. I don't like Bryce. I think he's using you and you're obviously too blind to see it. Who the fuck gives away $800 to a guy she just met days ago. He "claims" he'll pay you back, but so far, he hasn't. He only says the things he does to make you believe in something that isn't there. I don't trust that guy and I don't approve. With the Anthony thing, if you don't like what he does to you, then stop hanging out with him too! FUCK!
     So today, you randomly texted me your story about your ex. Then, when I text you a long story about my day yesterday, you response was, "Oh wow. Lol" Like seriously? I was comforting you through all the hell you've gone through, and my simple story just gets a ,"oh wow. Lol"? That just made me mad. That made me decide to write up this stupid rant in the first place.
     I hate complaining to Blake about you. One, because I'm TRYING my best to stop talking about people. and Two, I'm pretty sure he's tired of me talking about you. So I refrain myself.
     Honestly though, I love you, but you drive me fucking insane. I just need a break from you. That's all I need. A Break. In a few days, maybe weeks, I'll be perfectly okay. Maybe.