Patty and I skipped school today. We went back to her house, kidnapped Bianca, got some Starbucks, visited Danyelle, then went shopping at the Great Mall. I didn't buy anything though. We took some pictures in the japanese photobooth because Bianca always wanted to take pics there.
     After, I dropped them home and went to PCI. On the way there, I totally thought up another design. Music. Bottom: Piano Keys, Middle: music notes on a staff, Top: A free style of notes and cleffs. As I got to school, I quickly sketched out my vision, and in the end, that's what I chose. I'm so excited! It's going to be a black and white cake, mainly white, and some silver to accent some main parts. I'm so excited. So we just covered our cakes with fondant. Then I started on my bottom tier, I scaled everything out and started making lines to where the keys were going to be at. I'll take picture updates forsure!
     After a long day of class, my classmates and I met up at Chilis and had dinner. We talked a lot and just enjoyed the company. Everyone, except me, drank... Sadly.. Lol. Although I DID have a mango iced tea. Yuum. Lol.
     I went home around 8ish and started making an angel food cake for KJN's birthday. I was just going to make the cake and finish it off tomorrow, but I ended up frosting it and putting together the cake. I would say that in total, it took me 5 hours, with baking time and all. I think the cake looks alright... It's pretty wrinkly and lopsided, but I never make a fondant cake with Angel food before so I didn't know what to use for the frosting (toasted coconuts with whipped cream). Bad Idea... I shall keep experimenting on this then. So yea, he has a square cake that looks like a present. I also made a superman seal out of fondant. I'm knda excited to eat it. I hope it tastes better than it looks! Blah.
     Chef Stephany was our instructor today. Today was a pretty crazy day, no lie. So it started off with us talking about various tools and stuff for wedding cake decorating, then some how in all that conversation, we found out that we were supposed to have a design done and ready for today. Well, obviously, Chef Alex never told us so we were kinda freaking out. We didn't even have our cake frosted yet! We were so behind, so Chef made 2 batches of shortening icing for us and we quickly put together our cakes. After, we just looked through cake books for some ideas and inspirations.
     My original idea, or vision, was to have a gold bow wrapped around on the middle tier. It was going to be just a simple, elegant white and gold cake with maybe some flowers or something.
     After looking through the book, I came across a cherry blossom cake. I really wanted to do another cake like that, but ten times better than what I did before.
     So, chef let us out half an hour early to go home and draw up designs and everything. Since I had an idea of what I wanted to do, Blake and I went to Michaels to buy a crapload of supplies. Then, we went back to his pad and drew up some designs, then watched an episode of HIMYM: Slap Bet. Today is "Dress Up Like Barney Stinson Day"! Lol. So yea, I went home after and now I'm about to crash. Night!
Why is Alan Hsu so LOVABLE? :P

because he did this on pizza night with perry's phone...

he shoved it down his pants! :D

8==>~~ D: or :D ~~<==8


:D ~~~~~~~~ <==================8

will you fly away to heaven with me?

Of course! well.. depends on who you are. I wont go with you if you're some creepy stalker... that'd just be awkward

im not a stalker! you know me! :DDD

uhh... jen? alan? :] <3 the guy from starbucks?

     Today was just a regular typical day. Nothing really important. At PCI today, we just baked off a crapload of nasty High Ratio Cakes, It's basically cakes with Shortening, flour, eggs, etc. Obviously, it's inedible, if you eat it, plus the icing, you'll go crazy! Shortening is so gross...
     I spent some time with my Babe today, he's so sweet, he made us Mac and Cheese and some Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Yum! Then we decided to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's so funny! I thought it was a pretty good movie/chick flick. Lol.
     It's the beginning of the wedding cake section! Yesh! What to do for my design...

     Today was a good day, NAY, a great day! It started off at De Anza, I took my rightful spot next to Patty's car and gave her a call. I then switched over to her car and we decided to skip class, since she was sick and all. Patty then drove us somewhere asiany and we walked around outside, unfortunately, nothing was open and Patty was thirsty. That was when I spotted Starbucks across the street. We made our way over and I ordered a drink. The barista who took my order was pretty funny and cute. Our convo:

Barista: Hey welcome to Sturbucks!
Me: Hey, can I get a Cafee Mocha?
Barista: No :]
Me: Oh.. Well I want it anyways.
Barista: Ohh, I like you already!

     That was basically our convo, Patty was like, "OMG! He's so cute!" Haha.  I only have a coffee sleeve to remind me of this day. Funny funny, too bad I'm dating Blake! (I love you babe!) Patty and I stayed at Starbucks for a while just talking and stuff, then we decided to go back to her place and watch The Hangover while eating Top Ramen. Good day.
     PCI was alright today, we had final today, I messed up on my souffle the first time, but the second was ten times better. I got a 10/10! With plating, it was alright, 8/10? Lol.
     After class, I went over to Blake's for a little, we chatted about our day, then I left to go to Pizza Night. Fun day, we all were kind of tired but it was still good. Pizza night is definitely something I look forward to every week. It's the main point in the week where I meet up with the Darren, Alan, and everyone else and we just bond and tell jokes and stories. That's the moment we're just ourselves and we act like the usual obnoxious teens in the movies. I love pizza night.
     So, when I got home, I began to blog, then I got a random phone call from a restricted number. At first I didn't recognize the voice, but then it was the guy from Starbucks! LOL! Jkjk, noo it wasn't, but guess who it was?
     Axell. Super random right? He apologized for everything that happened and I was kinda like "Why are you apologizing? We're both at fault here". In the end, we had an hour long convo talking about everything that's happened and just reminiscing about the past. Oh how I missed those times we shared. Axell and I have been through a lot and I thought that if we cut connections, everything will be better, unfortunately, that isn't the case. I've truly missed him and I'm glad that of all days, he chose today to call me. Today is quite an amazing day, I knew from the beginning that it was going to be spectacular, and spectacular it has been. Just a coffee sleeve to remind me of this day.
     Not much happened, I made a cake for my uncle and took my cousins to Chinese school. That was mainly my day
     Astro test! Pretty easy because of that test review. French was kinda boring of course. After, I went to Blake's pad and we watched a few episodes of HIMYM. Then I went to class. Not much happened, just prepped for our final.
     After class, I took Remi to the library and checked her homework. It kinda just lasted for about 20 minutes. We just chilled at the library, then I took her to Jamba Juice and had potatoe wedges. Then we went home and stayed there till Remi and Wayne's mom picked them up. Bittersweet goodbye.
     Alright, I'm really tired now and I can't focus. Night!!!
     I would have never expected to join it, but I did. Alan HSU peer pressured me into joining... Not really, but you know... So here it is! You can find it also on the right side of this blog. Forever it shall stay. --->

     I'm surprised at myself; I got a lot done in the little time I had. First off, I took and picked up Brandon from Boyscouts. In that period of rest, I took my Grandma's to Oceans and took them home. Then, I went to pick up Blake so he could go with me to Smart & Final. I didn't find anything that I needed, unfortunately, but it's alright, we ended up going to Sur La Table where I bought parchment circles and a cake ring. As I got home, I was about to start baking, but my grandma's were home. That was basically the end of my Productive day. Although I woke up early, I was pretty tired, but staying out kept me awake, sort of, and I actually went out and bought the things I needed to get.
     The Office is getting really good! Michael is still friken stupid though...
     It's like driving down a road with only a certain amount of road visible from your headlights; even though you can only see that bit, you follow your gut and continue to drive on it, hoping to not crash and putting in all of your focus to lead you to your destination because all you need to do is follow and commit to that road, and it will lead you anywhere.
     That was the task that the hobby class had to do today. A company decided to tests students from Santa Clara University to see if they were capable of follow directions with just a page of directions and the raw materials in front of them. They were not allowed help from any of the chefs unless they gave up a "chef card". Why do this? Because these students were potential candidates for them to hire, it was also a test to see who would step up to the plate and lead a group.
     I laughed as I watched my group make pizza. Tearing the dough with their hands and failing miserably on stretching out the dough. I helped them of course, for a sweet price of one chef card, after they got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing for them. It really showed their creativity too. At first, they were on shaky grounds, but they started to shape their pizzas, make a giant calzone and even do a deep dish, meat lovers style.
     After class, Nancy, Lynn and I met up at Elephant Bar with one of Nancy's friends. We just had appetizers and talked about life and our future plans. Nancy's friend was extremely knowledgeable and inspirational; he has great insight on life because of all the hardships he has gone through. What an amazing asian man!
     I got home around 9:30PM and I talked to my mom for a bit. It's slowly getting there. I just told her why I came home late, she also told me to make my uncle a cake for his birthday. I'm hoping to make the cake and glaze it. I need to go shopping first though...
     Long day, pretty tired, and just talking to my babe. The perfect thing to end a long and tiring day.

p.s, I finally took that friken ServSafe test!!! I hope I passed because I'm tossing all those papers away.
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