I forced myself out of bed around 4:40 to go register for classes. But because De Anza is so friken retarded, the system was down! I couldn't log in or anything! Fuck. So that means, I lost 30 minutes of precious sleep. Ughh. I went back to sleep and slept through all the twitters and Blake's text. Lol.
     I had my french oral exam today! I was so nervous! I was studying in the car and everything before I went to take it. Madame was very pleased with it. She was like, "I'm satisfied! I knew you'd do well!" She showed me my score [30/30!!] Lol.
     Now, I'm sitting in the library adding classes left to right. I got 2 sucessful classes. I just need one more. I'm taking Astronmy 4  [8:30 - 9:20] and French 2 [9:30-10:20]. I really want to add the Math 51 [10:30-11:20] class but it won't let me in! I read on ratemyprofessor.com that the astro and the math teacher are both really good. I hope so! This is going to be a slightly stressful quarter for me since I everything is a little harder. I can't wait till my third quarter, because then, I could take whatever I want to [I think]. I'm probably going to be finished with PCI by then also. De Anza sucks balls.

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