You go and you put yourself out there, how depressed and shit you really are. You complain about being lonely and about people flaking on you too many times to remember. 

How ironic is it that when you're in need, crying, and feeling lonely, I'm the one to text you to make sure you're okay. 

Don't even give me that stupid "I don't want to bother people about my problems" shit, if you didn't want people to care, why would you put yourself out there in the first place? 

I hate how you complain about your friends all ditching you and not contacting you back when you and I made lunch plans and YOU said to me that you'll get back to me, when in reality, you never did. I honestly wouldn't be caring, I wouldn't have given a shit if you stood me up, but it's just so annoying and hypocritical of you to complain about that stuff when you did it back to me. 

Ughh, honestly, why do I try to be your friend, to make you feel better, to be there for you when no one's not if you're just gonna forget about me and give me some stupid ass excuses. When I'm sad, you don't even try to push it out of me. You just want to get that self satisfaction that you "tried" to help me by asking me if I'm okay. 

I push it out of you, I push it out of a lot of people, why don't a lot of people do that for me? 

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