• 8 months with babe officially as of May 30th. We spent the day going around pet stores and looking at pets. 
  • Got a pet cat together :] The story behind him was that we went to the Milpitas Humane Society to look at cats. We saw these 2 cute minxs and we were about to buy one for 175. But Timmy looked on craigslist and found someone who was selling for 10. When he called, the guy said he already sold his kitten, but he knows a lady that is giving hers away for free. The lady later on contacted Timmy and we headed out to retrieve him. The lady lived in the mobile home area and could only have 1 pet, but she ended up having 3 cats and 1 kitten. It was too much for her and as a cat lover, she just wanted the kitten to go away to someone that would care for him. In the end, we took him and gave him a new home :]
  • Mistook Simba as a girl. He was previously named Bella, then to Nala. But when we took him to the vet, the girl told us that he was a boy... Hella embarassing, so we changed his name to Simba :3
  • I now work at WC Milpitas as a front desk! I don't really do much... 
  • De Anza is almost over! But summer quarter RIGHT after we finish.. bleh... I'm taking Speech 10. 
I love my boyfriend.. and I love Simba :] <33

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