ME: So.. You know that Amanda and Geoffrey are attracted to you right?
HIM: Oh gross!!!!!
ME: Haha.
HIM: What about you? Do you find me attractive?
ME: Uhh..... Yea? You are pretty attractive (out of politeness of course)
HIM: That's good. Wanna hold hands?
ME: (WHAT THE FUCK?!) Uhh.... (shoves hands in pockets) I can't... Sorry I can't.
HIM: Oh... how come?
ME: I'm talking to this guy right now. (Tells him about Timmy)

Never will I ever be attracted to YOU. You're really old. You play light rock in the car, You crack the stupidest and the meanest jokes ever. They aren't even funny! You come over to my apartment, eat my food and make fun of the things I have. You say that you're over the fact that Geoff is gay and that you're okay with it, but here you are, cracking gay jokes that are immature and naive. Never, will I ever be attractive to you...

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