-Random Chill day with Jen. We went to the mall to stalk down Timmy and his grandma, but we fail at being spies. He left before we could find him. So much of a surprise… facepalm. I got fitted for a dress and went shopping a bit with Jen. We met up with Wilson a little before his interview. I hope he got the job!
-Yoswirl and Half Priced Books! Love love love. I bought so many new recipe books, plus The Abs Diet and this really cool hardcover old school looking book. I think I’m gonna read it, then cut the insides out. Keke.
-Back to Gmall to meet up with Darren, Wilson and Vince at Chipotle! We walked around the mall for a bit. I bought Just Dance and Just Dance on Broadway from Gamestop. Yayy!!!!
-Chipotle for Dinner at Jen’s!
-Surprise visit from Timmy! <3 Blahh, he said he wasn’t gonna come..

-Work at 7. It kind of killed me since I’m not used to waking up so early. Oh wells, I got to learn new things!
-Did basically nothing the rest of the day… Watched some chuck, napped and read My Sister’s Keeper.
-Omg, that book is so friggen mindblowing! I can’t wait to watch the movie.

-7 AM shift!
-My contact kept friggen irritating my eye… I thought that there was a piece of tiny dust that was stuck to it so I kept trying to wash it out… turns out that my contact had a little rip instead… I didn’t find out till after work, which I immediately tossed out. I drove back to the apartment hald blind…
-Omg.. hecka scary, When I went to check my eyes, my left eye (the one with the ripped contact) was dialated so largely that it could’ve easily overtaken my pupil! I was so friggen freaked out! I didn’t know what to so. So I slept. It didn’t help. My eyes are still oddly dialted. One side is normal, and one side isn’t. My left side is now brighter and blurrier… I hope everything turns out okay or else I’m gonna have to get a check up… I hope its not cancerous or anything. I’m scared…
-Went to Carrows with the roomies. I just got a double chocolate cake. I already had a big meal…
-Went back to the apartment and played some Just Dance! It was so much fun. It’s definitely a good workout I must say.
-Friggen magazine people keep calling us! I’m soo annoyed.. I’m also kind of scared of what might happen. Are we gonna get into trouble for canceling on the magazine people and canceling our credit cards so they can’t take money from us? Ugh ugh ugh… I think that if they don’t stop calling, I might have to change my phone number… which I really don’t want to. So look out people!
-I just wish all this was over… The dialted pupil and the annoying magazine people I mean… If I had to choose.. can I just get the dialted pupil and have the magazine people go fall off a cliff? Please?!?!
-Timmy! I miss you! My emoticon for you for today is…
     Day 1: D:

^Right................................. Left^

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