Sorry for not picking up your call sweetiee, we were already in bed and lights were out. I didn't want to disturb Lauren or anything because she had to work at 7 in the morning. Yea..
     I woke up, did nothing till 12, picked up Megan, then headed off to work. I made more rice crispies today, 2 types of fountain chocolate, made more foccacia bread and did other things that I cannot recall. My memory seems to be getting worse. This worries me.
     I need to stop eating at work. All those left over brownies and rice crispies are making me feel terrible inside. First, I splurge. I eat and eat. Then I get full and go into a sugar coma. By the time break hits, I am no longer hungry, I no longer want to eat anything. I need to stop this insane habit. It does not benefit myself nor does it benefit anything in general. I can't help myself though. I guess that I have to make a promise to myself that I will only eat at work if its real food (like bread or fruits or something) or if I'm tasting it. Blahh. I brought my shorts inside from my car (Thank you for putting it in my car Albert!) I shall now wear leggings, shorts and a hoodie and jog every morning... Starting tomorrow. I'm such a lazy bum. Terrible, terrible me.
     After dropping off Megan after work, I ventured my way to Walmart where I splurged on air fresheners, post-its, glue and a new planner.
     Now I'm back at the apartment. lonesome and whatnot. Walmart didn't carry large sketchbooks so now I have to go to Michaels and buy one. Inspiration from my dear Kim. It'll definitely keep me occupied here. I'll get to remenice about the gool 'ol days. Oh, this will definitely be interesting. Most definitely.

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