School (business only). Intern (calls + doorhangers). Home.

     Veggielution (planted tomatoes + worked with Zan). Last CCP meeting with Gaudry! I had to say a speech about everything! It went something like this:
     "Going through this experience not only taught me more about Gaudry and her background, but it has been a life changing experience. When we first met, we discussed everything over curly fries. If you were a stranger walking down the street, it would seem as if we were sisters, or even friends from birth! I want to thank CCP for partnering me up with Gaudry; I couldn't have asked for a more perfect partner."
     It's not really detailed, but then again, I didn't have much time to think of what to say. So.. Blah! Lol. Intern afterward. I got lost in the blossom hill road area.... But door hangers were widely dispersed... My poor feet!
     Pizza Night afterwards, although I only stayed for 45 minutes. Afterparty at Yoriko's Friend's house! Gorgeous house+fingerfood+Ginger Ale+Secondhand smoking=Pure chillness. I think I've definitely grown to the smell of a cancer stick, especially since a good portion of the interns smoke. They're really respectable about it though, they would take the ashtray and move it out of the way so it's not so in-your-face.
     Anyways, we chilled around for a while, talked amongst each other. So many rich&fancy old people! I'm gonna miss working there! I'm surrounded by so many great, funny, and caring people. I hope Yoriko wins!
     I left around 9:45 and got home at 10.

     Business. Help Center. Stealing David's Chipotle, Polisci. Stealing Bob's Curly fries. Ditching Math. Chilling with Darren and Sharon. Go home early! Eat @ Yogurtland. Chill with Ferly. Buy Chris grad stuff. Go to Chris' graduation. Go home.
     The best part of my day was when He texted me. Somehow, in minutes, we spontaneously (thank you Hieu!) planned a "date" to the boardwalk. We're gonna board and bowl or do some sort of activitiy there. I'm so excited!!!!
     I smiled when I read, "I just want tomorrow to come sooner :)"
     Too much to do in so little time! Bleh. Night!
Gaudry and I!
L2R starting @ the back: Random asian guy, Rachel, Jordan, Erin, Alfonso, I forgot his name, Jesse. Then, Me, Abe, DENNIS, Yoriko, Janice.
:T I guess not...

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