I apologize for late blogging. I've been too warped in tumblr I guess.
Quick Recaps on important stuff.

Sunday (7/11)
-Free Slurpee Day with Anna!
-Family came over to visit!
-I finally got a piano stand! Yesh!

Monday (7/12)
-Exercised before I went to bed

Tuesday (7/13)
-Jogged in the morning. I was friken DEAD by the time I finished. I had to walk the rest of the way back to my apartment! Blahh.
-Went to Michaels and bought a sketch book. Love! It was about $16.
-Work. I messed up big time. Ana got pissed at me because I did the pie dough wrong... We used the expensive ass butter too! Blahh.
-I felt like shit when I got home.
-Watched The Rocker
-Timmy came over!!!! (11PM)<3. Surprise visit. He made my day ten times better.
-Went to the beach and star  gazed. Beautiful night spent with a beautiful and caring person.
-Went cruising around at 1 in the morning.
-Ate some legit cup o noodo back at the apartment at 2.
-Cuddled in bed as he spend the night <3

Wednesday (7/14)
-Woke up seeing Timmy besides me <33 He's so cutee!
-Got ready and left the apartment around 9:45
-Went to Cannery Row and had crepes.
-Mini photoshoot at the beach!
-Work. I messed up on a bigass batch of oatmeal raisin cookies... I fail at life.
-The pie dough ended up turning out usable. Phew! The cookies... Not so much.
-Went home. No more Timmy.. Sadface.
-Watched the Hangover. So funny!
-Talked to Kim on the phone.
-Fell asleep on Timmy. My phone fell! I swear! That's why I didn't know that you texted me! Blahh.

Thursday (7/15)
-Woke up and showered.
-Made eggs for breakfast and rearranged the fridge
-Work. Ana was having a terrible day so I TRIED to make it better.
-Talked to Katie about the mistakes I have made, she made me feel better

Now I'm back at the apartment. Not much is happening... I called my Mom today! She made me talk to my brothers.. which was hella awkwardddd. Bored bored bored. What to dooooo?
Cup o Noodo!!!

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