Today, there was a million dollar wedding. I made so many of those friggen white chocolate fan thingys. It looks friggen awesome though! Ana also let me help plate. So awesome!
     Happy 4th of July! Only Megan, Katie and I worked today. Katie got lucky and got to go home early. I don't remember much at work. I made Creme Anglaise, Kahlua Mousse and some other stuff that I don't remember. Anyways, by the end of my shift, it was just Megan and I. Our shift ended at 9:30 btw.. so much for a 4th of July. Oh wells. Megan was gonna take me to watch A Team, but at the last minute, her husband and son were coming home so she had to cancel on me. I ended up just chilling at the apartment as Anna and Lauren were in SF, so lucky. Welps, you know what they say! C'est la vie.
     Timmy called me! We talked for a long time, until his phone died of course. Fail!

     Banquet today! I made the Kahlua whipped cream for the Kahlua mousse cake, mixed berry cobbler and I helped Megan finish the port glass dessert. Yum yum! I hate that my phone has sucky quality, C'est la vie.
     I would post up the other 2, but in the words of Ana, "Too Sexual!" Well, what I mean is, this is not as sexual as the other 2. But the Kahlua Pie looked and smelled so friggen delicious! I want some! Lol. Oh yea! It was just Megan, Katie and I again for today. Roberto was there in the morning, but he got off eventually.
     When I got back at the apartment, I waited for Anna and Lauren to get ready, then we headed off to Target! YESH! Bonding time with the roomies. I bought a locker shelf, a notebook, a new MCS CD. YESHH!!! And a bunch of food. We also went to Savemart where I bought ice cream and turkey and such. Yum!!
     When we got back, we watched Couples Retreat, then I talked to Timmy for a bit, then went to bed.

     I'm coming home!!! I can't wait. I have to do my laundry and pack clothes that are suitable for this weather.. Haha, I said suit. Apparently I'm gonna go to a baseball game now.. The guys bought be tickets. They miss me already! Haha. This is gonna be fun sctuff.
     I can't wait to see YOU again. I'm in serious need of a hug. Its cold over here and I need someone to warm me up. I miss you! I miss everyone! I feel like I've been deprived of civilization! Haha.

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