So Eugene was supposed to visit me this morning but things changed so he didn't. So to occupy my morning, I went jogging. It was a fairly successful jog. I had so much down time that I made some eggs and toast to enjoy my morning. I also watched a few episodes of Bones. By 10, I went out to shop. I went to REI and bought myself a new Carrabeaner and a stainless steel bottle (which I drew all over it). Then I went to Target and bought one big blue striped towel, 1 hand towel and 2 face towels, wet wipes, gift wrapping supplies, and face wash.
      When I came back, I sorted out my dirty laundry then took a nap till 5ish. When the guys arrived, they bombarded my apartment while my roomies were in the living room. I think they were like "wtf...?" or something. Bob talked to them though... I wonder what he said to them.
     Thank you again to Bob, Hieu, Akash, and David as well as Eugene and Vienna for visiting. I really appreciate it! We began by going to Pacific Thai Cuisine again for dinner. He told us that there was going to be a wait so we just wandered around lighthouse ave and stuff like that. Eventually, the wait was over. We got the same seats as yesterday! Woot woot. We all ordered something different and shared it this time. Delish! I paid the bill though, only b/c everyone came to visit, hopitality, yaknow? Lol.
     After that, we swung by my place so I could grab some blankets and stuff, then we headed towards Carmel to Chill. I think we stayed there till 10. We took pictures and stuff, which was pretty fun.
     When I got back to the Pad, I just tidied up a bit, texted my loveeeeee, and went to bed. Keke

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