Monday (6/14):
     Business. Polisci. I got my group in Polisci! There are 6 people: Guilnor, Jonathan, Nick, Clarice, Parween, and I. We are so awesome! Lol! Math. MIDTERM! I hope I did well!
     When I got home, I studied a little. Then I began to bake an opera cake. After I got everything all baked, Carlos came over and we chilled for a little. Then he taught me some songs on the guitar, but because my fingers are so damn small and so close together, I'm having difficulty with the chords. Bleh! Lol. So yea, he stayed for a little while, then left.
     I finished my cake and freezed it. Then went to bed.

Tuesday (6/15):
    Veggielution! This girl and I weeded bean sprouts. There are so many friggen weeds! That's basically all we did, weeding. By the time we finished, it was already time for me to leave.
     I went to Guitar Center afterwards and bought a set of picks, a cappo, and new nobby thingies for my guitar.
     When I got home, I practiced guitar for a bit, then finished my opera cake. Long story short, I sliced it and assembled it then headed to Brent's place for a session.
     When I got home, I cleaned up a bit, practiced more guitar, studied, then got picked up by Bob for our Movie Pizza Night.
     When we got to Mountain Mikes, I bumped into Mr. Licon and us 3 got talking (after ordering pizzas of course). Eventually Alan came and we all just started talking and stuff. It took forever for the pizzas to come, but once it did, we basically bolted out of the door and towards Darren's house. From there we followed Darren to Alex Tu's house. Ate pizza, then watched the movie.
     HUMAN CENTIPEDE. Such an effin` gruesome movie. So morbid with terrible acting and it doesn't make sense half the time... the ending sucked too. Such a disgusting movie. The beginning was extremely funny. The middle was a mix of morbid and what the effs. The end was just a No Comment. ***SPOILER ALERT*** We cheered really loud when the human centipede got up for the first time and started walking. Also, when the cop shot the doctor square  in the middle of the forehead causing his blood to splatter all over the wall.
     After the movie, I went home. IF YOU HAVEN'T PAYED ME $2.50 YOU OWE ME! When I got home, I though that it'd be smart to delete some photos, which was dumb b/c the photos I uploaded on facebook through iphoto got deleted, so now I gotta re-upload them. Yay...

Wednesday (Today):
     Polisci was interesting today. We did an exercise where we got into 12 groups and we were given a bag with stuff in it. Nicky told us to make a mobile of International Justice out of the things that were strictly in the bags. So basically, my group had a piece of construction paper and a broken color pencil. We basically were like "WHAT the FUCK?!" I basically came up (and constructed) the idea of ripping the paper into a spiral like thing and have stuff dangle from it. My teammates had a great explanation. Basically, we connected the green pencil to the mobile and called that nature. We all start off from nature, but as life progresses, we hit bumps and stuff along the way and we die in the end. But in the end, we're all equal, we come from mother nature, and when we die, we contribute back to mother nature. That was basically the explanation in regular text.
     Long story short, my group and 3 others had almost nothing to work with, we're considered lower class.
     4 other groups had a few more tools like usable colorpencils, scissors, pipcleaners, etc. They were considered the middle class.
     3 other groups had a plethora of goods. They had so much that they didn't even need it all. High class.
     Lastly, One group had it's whole mobile built for them. They took it out of the bag and BAM! It was done.
     Basically, he never said that we can exchange our goods amongst each other and he said that this represents our integrity. Some people have it so good, that they don't care to help the people who need it. We're all trying to prove international justice, but we can't because we're not in justice in the end. If that makes sense. You'd have to be in my class to understand it, but it's some pretty deep shit. It really makes you think in life.
     After class, Clarice and I "stalked" Richard, but he was too fast for us, so we just went to class instead. Math. Boring as usual. No exams were given back yet. I'm anxious to know my grade.
     When we got home, Darren, An and I went to Jamba and met up with Vince and David. David bought us all $1 Jamba Juice for their new promo on the 3 new drinks. Yum! After that, the whole hitting on incident, then home.
     I kind of just chilled around at home. Then drove Kat and Jenann to Party City where we bought leis for Kim. When we got to the stadium, the parking lots were filled so we had to find residential parking. ughh.
     The ceremony was long, but when Kim's name was called, us 3 plus SBN Jen cheered a loud as possible. Afterwards, we went in search of Kim. After 10 or so minutes, we finally found her and she took tons of pictures. She has such a large support group! I'm so proud of her! My Kimmy graduated and is growing up! After about half an hour of pictures, Kim and her family had to go home b/c she had Grad Night. Kjn, Jen, Jenann, Kat and I ended up going to Chinese Buffet and dining with them. I ate so much! It was pretty good. We stayed for about an hour I think, then we all went home.
     Now I'm here, I finished blogging and I'm ready to hit the hay! Good night!

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