Blogging shall temporarily come to a halt until Concours D'Elegance is over. Check back in 2 days! Please and thank you!
These past few days have been extremely busyy. I'll try to blog tonight when I have time...

Other than that.. I'm all yellow today! I'm eating yogurt out of a yellow bowl with a yellow spoon, wearing my yellow "LOVE PINK" jacket.

I'm sorry
    Omg! I seriously hate rewriting blogs!!!!!!
      Yay! Today is my only day off until I hit a 6 day work period. It’s gonna be long, but definitely worth it, because on the 6th day, I get paid 12 and hour. Woot woot! I’m actually hoping to have a 10 or 11 day work week though because I want to go home.
     Anywayss… let’s see. I woke up around 9 today, made oatmeal for breakfast and packed sliced apples and peanut butter for a snack. I then got ready and headed out to the Del Monte Center. I grabbed a tall sweetened green tea from Starbucks and sat outside. Too bad it was all gloomy and chilly.. Oh wells. After surfing the net, I decided to read my book; The Abs Diet. It’s so inspriring. I’m gonna try this diet!
     After that, I decided to go shopping for a bit.. hehe. Then I went to Whole Foods and bought a bunch of healthy organic food. Yay for being healthy!!!
      So I went back to the apartment, dropped off my stuff and made lunch. Then, I ventured off to Michaels… only to find out that I forgot my purse at home. So I drove back, got it, then went back to Michaels… only to realize that I didn’t have enough money to pay for my stuff. I over charged on my debit card and I only had 18 dollars on me…. So yea… I had to pay for part of my things, go back to the apartment while being low on gas. I replenished my money supply and called my mom.
     I love my mom! She put more money in the debit card for me. Although, I did get yelled and scolded at, she still filled it for me. She was like, “You overcharged! Wait until you get your credit card back! Then you can spend as much as you want.” Mann, I need to spend more wisely… blahh.
     Anyways, I went BACK to Michaels, paid for my stuff, and now I’m here at Borders just chilling. This is so relaxing. Music + blogging. Yuupp. Oh wells, I have nothing else to do anyways. I think I might go to Carmel later. Just to chill, you know? I wonder if Lauren still wants to go watch a movie… Hmm… Anyways. I might head out soon.  Byeeee
     So today, I woke up and did basically nothing. Since I had so much time to kill, I decided to watch My Lucky Star. The first episode was so friggen long!!!!! It’s so predictable though, I already know the outcome of the whole thing.
     Anyways… Work went by pretty quickly today. Chef asked me to work over time. I stayed behind with her and Katie and helped plate up and everything. Omg! Chef asked about Timmy. Lol!

Chef: So, who did you go to the Zoo with?
Me: Uhh… starts to smile and blush This guy I like…
Chef: Ohh, does he like you back?
Me: Yeaa
Chef: So are you guys dating or something?
Me: Well, we kind of are, but we’re unofficial.

     Then she asks me if we’ve kissed and stuff. I told her that he’s gonna have to get my parents approval and she was like “Yikes!” lol! Yay for bonding with my Chef! See Timmy? There’s always something good to say about you. Keke.
     Anyways, now I’m back at the apartment. I brushed my teeth so I’m not tempted to eat anything. Must… resist!! Lol! Hmm… Maybe I’ll watch another episode of My Lucky Star.

      This morning, I made myself an egg mcmuffin. It tasted alright… I think I might need to add salt and pepper and some cheese or something to make it tastier. Je ne sais pas, I’ll figure it out eventually!
     So I went to work today wearing glasses. My first time! Lol. Work wasn’t bad today. I didn’t mess up or anything! Yay me! Chef Rod said to me, “You look studious!” Haha. I guess that’s a good thing?
     After work, I went to the apartment and made myself a cheese and mushroom omlette. I hope the mushrooms were still good…. It was pretty tasty. Nothing really eventful today. Anna went back home so I’m stuck here with Lauren. Time for some more Chuck! I gots work at 1 tomorrow… So much time to kill!


-Random Chill day with Jen. We went to the mall to stalk down Timmy and his grandma, but we fail at being spies. He left before we could find him. So much of a surprise… facepalm. I got fitted for a dress and went shopping a bit with Jen. We met up with Wilson a little before his interview. I hope he got the job!
-Yoswirl and Half Priced Books! Love love love. I bought so many new recipe books, plus The Abs Diet and this really cool hardcover old school looking book. I think I’m gonna read it, then cut the insides out. Keke.
-Back to Gmall to meet up with Darren, Wilson and Vince at Chipotle! We walked around the mall for a bit. I bought Just Dance and Just Dance on Broadway from Gamestop. Yayy!!!!
-Chipotle for Dinner at Jen’s!
-Surprise visit from Timmy! <3 Blahh, he said he wasn’t gonna come..

-Work at 7. It kind of killed me since I’m not used to waking up so early. Oh wells, I got to learn new things!
-Did basically nothing the rest of the day… Watched some chuck, napped and read My Sister’s Keeper.
-Omg, that book is so friggen mindblowing! I can’t wait to watch the movie.

-7 AM shift!
-My contact kept friggen irritating my eye… I thought that there was a piece of tiny dust that was stuck to it so I kept trying to wash it out… turns out that my contact had a little rip instead… I didn’t find out till after work, which I immediately tossed out. I drove back to the apartment hald blind…
-Omg.. hecka scary, When I went to check my eyes, my left eye (the one with the ripped contact) was dialated so largely that it could’ve easily overtaken my pupil! I was so friggen freaked out! I didn’t know what to so. So I slept. It didn’t help. My eyes are still oddly dialted. One side is normal, and one side isn’t. My left side is now brighter and blurrier… I hope everything turns out okay or else I’m gonna have to get a check up… I hope its not cancerous or anything. I’m scared…
-Went to Carrows with the roomies. I just got a double chocolate cake. I already had a big meal…
-Went back to the apartment and played some Just Dance! It was so much fun. It’s definitely a good workout I must say.
-Friggen magazine people keep calling us! I’m soo annoyed.. I’m also kind of scared of what might happen. Are we gonna get into trouble for canceling on the magazine people and canceling our credit cards so they can’t take money from us? Ugh ugh ugh… I think that if they don’t stop calling, I might have to change my phone number… which I really don’t want to. So look out people!
-I just wish all this was over… The dialted pupil and the annoying magazine people I mean… If I had to choose.. can I just get the dialted pupil and have the magazine people go fall off a cliff? Please?!?!
-Timmy! I miss you! My emoticon for you for today is…
     Day 1: D:

^Right................................. Left^
     Today was so much fun! Despite the fact that Timmy's brother, Teodore, tried to score on me and that the animals looked misreable, I still had an awesome day.
     Around 10, I went over to Timmy's place and hung out there till 12/1ish hanging out with Him and his 2 adorable brothers. They're really funny. They were showing me random music videos on Youtube. Kids these days... I also met Timmy's grandparents. I fail at speaking viet...
     As we were leaving, we went to Verde for a little snack on the way. The wait is so. friggen. long... But I got to spend more time with Timmy <3 kekeke.
     SF Bound! The Zoo was pretty enjoyable I must say. Poor animals though, they looked terrible! A lot of the exhibits were gone or closed.. lame. But the Penguin and the Giraffe exhibit were both open. Those are what really really matters. Keke. So beautifulll <3.
     Apres, we went to the store to check everything out. Timmy bought me this little mini stuffed giraffe in a bag that said "Awesome" on it. So cute! I put it right next to my Tofu. It's name is Timmy! Keke.
    After that, we just went cruising for a bit. Eventually, we decided to go to the pier. When we got to Pier 39, I introduced Timmy to the sourdough factory. He ordered clam chowder and I got the rustic tomato soup. Yum yum!
     On the way home, there was a friggen over turned car in the middle of the freeway. Teenage drivers... facepalm. Oh wells. Timmy came over and we enjoyed some extremely sweet cupcakes from Sprinkles. Nomnom! I drove him home afterwards and waited until Darren came by to pick up paperwork and stuff. I was supposed to go light painting but Darren took too long to come over. By then, it was too late at night. I ended up just downloading a bunch of new music. Yay!
     I'm finally done blogging for the day! I forgot my camera cable at PB so I can't upload any pics... fail.
     SO! I woke up at 9 with Timmy by my side <3 keke. I didn't really do much. I downloaded a bunch of music plus updated my blog! Around 1ish, My family and I went out to TK Noodo for lunch. Ahh... Asian Food, I've missed you so <3.
    Apres, I went home and showered, then Shian came over and we went to the Standford Shopping Center to hang out. It's so beautiful there! So, we just kind of walked around for the longest time, then we went to Macys and tried on dresses. (Look at the previous post below for pictures). Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for some expensive pizza. Then, SPRINKLES! Nomnom.
     Shian was telling me about how awesome the Double Tree cookies were so we swung by double tree to buy some cookies. Ahh, Love. We chilled at my place for a little, then she left and I took a little nap.
     For dinner, I had fried rice, salmon soup and lettuce. Nomnom! Lol. I then got ready and headed over to Kim's place. We chilled at her place for a little, then we went to the swings to talk some more. We stayed there for about half an hour until it started to get cold. We had hot coco plus derricious pocky sticks at her place while talking some more.
     I left around 9:30 though so her and her family can have dinner together. Now I'm at home being a fatty. I've indulged myself in 1 double tree cookie. I'm so full!!! Gahh. I need to stop being a fattyy...
Chipotle Luch with Mit <3
Elmo Cupcake made by Mer, Darren's cousin in law
Blood Donation!
Trying on dresses with Shian
Spinkles! :D
Double Tree Cookie <3