So, this is my story about the 2 guys that hit on me today. So, after school I went to Jamba Juice with An and Darren. After ordering, they decided to go home with Vince which gave me the opportunity to go to Staples and buy an external hard drive.
     When I got there, I was minding my own business, looking for the best one with the best price. Then this pretty cute salesperson came and asked me if I needed help. So he basically gave me some info on them, then got the product that I wanted and rang me up. He was really nice! His name was Neo or something. So yeaa. He asked if I was still in school and I told him that De Anza's final is next week. He went to Delta college, then to Utah, and now he's back here. Man, he's so cute! He was like, "Good luck on your finals!" and I was like, "Thaaanks..."
     So after that super awesomeness, I walked back to my car which was parked in from of Jamba. When I got to the front of Safeway, this guy was calling for a worker outside for help, but I guess he was deaf, so I came over and he asked me where the Comcast place was. I showed him where and right before I left, he was like, "Thank you! You're really cute!" Haha.
     Pretty good day so far. I'll recap later!

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