Today has been the first official day of my hermit-ness. I woke up @ 8 and began doing poli hw. After I finished all of my poli hw, I printed it out and began the next thing on my list: Business. I read about halfway through the chapter, got sleepy and took a nap.
     An hour later, I went back on the PC, talked to Jenann for a bit, and got inspired to quickly finish my hw so I can go swimming. As I did my math hw, I got hella lost. What the hell is DeMoivre's theorm? Well, okay, we learned that in class. But STILL! It so goddamn confusing! I ended up just giving up. I switched over to making my cheat sheet instead.
     Once I finished, I got ready and headed over to Jenann's place. Swimming in the neighborhood pool! The water was cool and the place was empty! Sweet! After about half an hour of swimming, a family of 4 came in so we weren't alone anymore.
     It was fun swimming with Jenann. We talked about a lot of things! We also ate hella chips and junk food. Oiy. I just burned off those calories too! Fail! Haha. After swimming, it seems as though you get extreme munchies! I love swimming though. I definitely miss it.
     After an hour or so, we went back to her place and decided to "stalk" some people. Haha. Good times, good times.

Happy Father's Day Father!

     When I got home, we ate steak for Father's day. I feel kind of bad that I wasn't able to get anything for my dad. I wish I did, I just didn't have anytime to even think of doing something. I need to learn how to prioritize and treat the ones I truly love with a better attitude and more respect.
     Around 9ish, I went over to Wilson's to brawl. I seriously suck at this game. I played with Kenny, Wilson, Perry and Alex Tu. I went home around 10 though. I let Wilson borrow my game/controllers and console. Afterall, I have his external, so we're even.
     So now I'm home. I'm getting sleepy, so I guess it's time to call it a night. Good night!

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