Today, was one of the most spontaneous day ever.
     Timmy came over around 7; meaning I had only 4 or so hours of sleep. It's so worth it though. At first, we were just chilling, he cleaned his car a bit but it was a failed attempt. Then he was like "Get in" so I did and he took me to Wal Mart to go shopping. Cute much? I was all in my pjs and everything walking around with him in Wal Mart. So effin random. He just bought windex for his car. After Walmart, he took me to his uncle's house and made me a milkshake. It was delicious! We hung out for a bit, then he took me back home.
      He said Hi to my mom, then we just chilled in my room. (When I mean chill, I mean talked and litterally CHILLED. We enjoyed each other's presence). Keep in mind that it was about 9 in the morning at this time. After he left, I cleaned my room for a bit, then CRASHED till 12.
      I had PHO with my family today. After that, we went to Pebble Beach to check out my Apartment. I met my room mate! Her name is Anna. The apartment is pretty nice too! I'm so excited. I can't believe that the moment is near. I can almost taste it!
     When we got home, I had a sudden urge to go shopping. I called up Sharon and I picked her up and went to Crossroads. I had so much to sell, but they only bought a few items. Oh wells! Better than nothing!
     We then went to Guitar Center where I bought a guitar strap ($45), a pic holder thingy, new injection molds, and a brand new set of strings. Sweet! I'm set for Pebble Beach now.
     Apres, we went to Ross so Sharon can get a Yoga mat. Then we went to Barns and Nobles where I bought the book "Eat this, not that", and to Yogurtland. They never have friken Dole Whip! Eff Yogurtland now! Ughh. FAIL.
     Apres, I took her home, helped her clean her room a bit, then took her to visit Timmy at little Ceasers. I bought him a soda! It was so embarassing! We hung around a bit, then left. I got a hug! Hehe.
     I just took Sharon home afterwards. Nothing else eventful happened that night. I just texted Timmy all day and night though.

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