Grr Grr Grr… I blogged everything out right before I left Milpitas when, BAM, Firefox froze on me. Without thinking, I had to quit Firefox and restart my whole browser. I fail at life. Oh Weebly, why can’t you autosave posts? You suck. Love, Me

This past week has been oh so awesome.

Saturday (7/24)
-All the guys (and a few other people I don’t know) came. Hieu planned this beach trip at Carmel.
-Dinner: Hula’s + Korean BBQ at my place.
-Truth or Dare (or make it dirty) till 12 AM.
-Thanks for visiting everyone! <3 Thank you again to Hieu who planned this get together.
Sunday (7/25)
-Ehh. Just work.

Monday (7/26)
-Work Work Work.
-Mass Grocery shopping with the Roomies. Lauren calls it “The Farmer’s Market” Lol! We spent a combined total of $150-160, we did buy our own personal things though. Mines came up to $40+ while the others both were $60+. It’s so funny shopping with them.
-Surprise visit from Timmy! <3
-Despicable Me + Bubba Gumps = <33
-Between you and I, I like to think that he rented out that whole restaurant just for us to enjoy and to have the waiters/waitresses cater to our needs. It was literally empty. Keke.
-Timmy Spent the night!
Tuesday (7/27)
-We both wokeup at 7 thinking that we’d go to the sand dunes, sad to say, we didn’t. We ended up falling back asleep and stuff.
-I got the whole apartment to myself! Roomies went on a SolCal trip.

Wednesday (7/28)
-Back to the apartment and PACKED!
-I made myself a derricious half burnt tuna melt. It was seriously godly.
-Stupid traffic made me get home in an hour and a half…
-I beat Timmy! Win for me. He helped me unpack. Keke.
-His supra is sexyyy. We went over to Darren’s to chill, then to Wilson (who was napping… fail). We did a photoshoot outside, then headed to Alan’s place to chill.
-Alan’s neighbor has a friggen Ashton Martin! Photoshoot! His neighbor let us borrow Quantum of Solace because that car was in it.
-We all went back to Darren’s place. Timmy didn’t stay though. Tear. So we just waited for Wilson to come by.
-That movie was alright.. I fell asleep during the last half of it though.

Thursday (7/29)
-Timmy climbed through my window this morning… Lol!
-We chilled, then went to the bank with my momma to fix my debit card. She ended up taking it from me. Fail.
-Luncheon at Chipotle! Yummm.
-Shopping at the mall.
-Jamba Juice + karate
-Cotillion Practice! Ferly and I were fashionably late. Everyone was surprised though. I learned the whole choreo to Waltz! So everyone who hasn’t been there… SUCK IT! Lol. No excuses!
-Mogos + Yogurtland with the guys. Yay for Short Rib Sliders.

Friday (7/30)
-All morning, I packed and watched Chuck.
-Timmy came to visit a little before he had to leave for work though.
-Darren, Wilson and Kenny eventually came to visit. We went to Yogurtland for a bit, then back home.
-When I left, I went to visit Timmy at work. Sadly, on my part, I got extremely lost…. Yeahh… Thank you Cousin Kevin for saving my life! He gave me directions to Timmy’s work. Lol!
-Arrived back at the apartment around 10ish.

Saturday (7/31)
-Work at 10 today! I found out that I have the next 3 days off…
-When I went back to the Apartment, I just watched some Chuck… Timmy convinced me to come home though, so I did. LOL!
-When I went home, I dropped off my stuff, then went over to Darren’s place b/c him and Wilson were detailing Wilson’s car.
-I hid in Wilson’s trunk and surprised Darren.
-After an hour or so of detailing plus taking pictures, we finally went inside to enjoy dinner with Darren and his family, as well as his uncle, aunt, and cousins.
-They’re so funny and friendly.
-Shian, Alan and Vincent came over after that. We ended up going to the park and shoot some hoops.
-Shian and I left the group and swung on the swings while talked A LOT. Mann, it’s so funny talking to her. Good convos, good convos.
-Timmy came and visited after he went to the wedding. Shian definitely approves. LOL!
-The popo came! Shian and I were hiding in the car while the 5 guys were talking to her. Good thing they weren’t drinking or anything!
-Timmy came over! He ended up spending the night… on the couch. I think my momma is fond of him though, apparently, they got to know each other more!

Sunday (8/1)
-So today, my plans are to eat Pho with the fambam, then go to the Standford shopping center with Shian. <3. I miss home, oh so much.

So sexyy
Ashton Martin

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