This is going to be my last month of blogging fun before I redirect myself to another blog site. I think that having too much memory and stuff on this caused the reason why I can't upload photos. I really hope not though! That would suck because this last month will filled with just words! I'll do the side bar thingy later .-->

     I had difficulty sleeping last night. My mouth was throbbing from all the pain so I finally succumbed to the magic of pain killers. The pain was overbearing. Eventually, the painkillers kicked in and I easily difted off to sleep. But, around 4 in the morning, the painkillers wore off so I woke up to a throbbing mouth again. I think I just endured the pain until I was so tired, I fell asleep. I had some pretty odd dreams, but I only remember bits a pieces.
     Midterm essay due tomorrow. The topic is: Racial Oppression. Fun stuff actually. I'll blog everytime I get writer's block. Hopefully I finish the essay failry early because I have to do my internship with Yoriko Kishimoto today also. I'm nervous! Lol. I might swing by pizza night, but other than that, essay..

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