Wednesday: (6/23)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY NGUYEN! My friend since birth! No lie!!!
      I woke up. Studied for Math/Poli. Ate TK Noodle with Timmy. Crashed at Darren's place. Went to School. Took Math final. Which sucked balls.
     I hung with Clarice and Parween for a bit afterwards. Then I went to la Bibliotheque to study for business as the 2 ladies left to Taco Bell.
     When It was time for our test, only Jonathan and Guilnor showed up. Nick went to do something, but he came back just in time! If we only had 3 people in our group, Nicky wouldn't have let up taken it! The girls were late though, by 7 problems, but Clarice quickly jumped into it.
     After the test, I got to talk to Richard (hehe) then Nicky talked to me about the TA thing. After that, he pulled Nick, Clarice and Parween and talked to them about how he didn't like our set up of the test and how we took it and stuff. We basically got into trouble and he wasn't sure if he should give us the points b/c some people really worked and knew their stuff while others just sat back. At first I was like "I dont need those points, oh well" but then I was like "OH SH*T, what if he takes the TA position away from me? I got pretty scared. To end it on a good note though, I got a hug from Richard!

Thursday (6/24)
     Woke up around 5:40. Went to Starbucks around 6:20. Got to school around 6:45. Took the test @ 7. Finished at 7:30. Went home. Walked Clover. Drove my brothers to school. Practiced guitar until one of my strings broke. I don't know how to change the string! Played Rockband. Ate Crepes with Timmy. Chilled at my place. Then Convinced Timmy to not go to class (hehe, such a bad influence).
     We ended up going to the movies and watching Toy Story 3 together in 3D. It's such an AWESOME MOVIE. I tried not to cry, I somewhat succeeded as a single tear let gravity pull it down across my cheeks.
    Apres, we decided to go walk around in the mall. I took him to Forever 21, where he was fascinated on how large it was! Then we went to Victoria's Secret. I was going to buy a bra, but I ended up not getting any. Then we went to Lids so he could buy another hat.
     After that, he drove us back to my place. We chilled a little more, then he went to work. After he left, I got ready for Cotillion practice.
     Practice is fun yet hard work. Ferly is such an awesome dance partner. Anyways, after practice, I visited the courts where the guys were playing bball, then I went to Nobhill, then home.
     I baked brownies and cupcakes till 11 something at night! Right when I was about to sleep, Darren and Alex Tu came over to wish me a happy birthday! So sweet!


It's my birthday! I believe it has been an official Year with Weebly too! I don't remember though.

Today was an alright day. I over slept. Went to pick up Clarice then Parween. Went to school. Dropped off my goodies. Starbucks run with Kevin! Went to school. Potluck for Nicky's class! OMG! I saw Alfonzo! We talked for a bit. I totally didn't know he went to De Anza. I'm so slow! haha. So yeaa.
     Will made me a clay rose for my birthday! It's so cute! It's blue and white, my favoriteee! He's so sweet! So yea, we had a potluck in class today. I didn't really eat anything, not hungry. Not much happened afterwards. OH! Donovan was asking me if I had a boyfriend. Lol! He thought I was with Kevin, but I'm not! Hahaha. Funnyfunny.
     So, I drove Parween and Clarice home and went home myself. I responded to all of my FB wall posts, then are Ban Xeo with Kevin. Yum!!! We then visited Timmy at work. We didn't stay for long though.
     Now I'm at home. Tired as hell. I think I'm gonna sleep, then clean the house or something. I think Darren said something about going to the hills tonight? Iono, we'll see.

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