I can't wait for our dinner date! You savories, me sweets. If you're a good enough cook, maybe you can cook for my family! My momma already loves you! I can see it in her eyes. I also can't wait till you visit me here. I'm quite lonesome. I gotta explore the area so I can give you a grand tour of Monterey and it's magnificent city lights. Let's go star gazing aussi, oui? We also have to go to Carmel at night and start a booming bonfire. If only you can spend the night here. I really hope to meet your momma one day. I'm good with moms! I swear! I like calling you "babe". I like that word in general! Lol. Will you please visit me? Take the guys with you!
     I love how the guys love you. That's a good sign. But then again, who DOESN'T like you? You're just that awesome. I miss you! I miss your hugs and hearing your voice. Go fix/buy a new laptop! Grr. You look so cute in your high school years. Show me some baby pictures!!! Anyways, I'm getting sleepy now. Get off of work already! Bye Babe! i miss you!!!
          Me <3

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