-All I remember is that Timmy came over, we hung out until 4, that's when he left for work.
-Alan, Albert, Darren and Wilson came over. We went to our spot, drank some tapx, ate some In N Out and watched Zombieland. Good movie!
-Timmy came over!
-Hungout with Kevy; kidnapped Patty, drank some RootbeerFloat on a hot summer's day, went to Vfair, and got some froyo.
-Went "shopping" with Timmy at Michaels and Walmart. Then enjoyed a crepe + some banana smoothie with babe at QCup
-Took a nap at my place.
-Marchingband family Potluck! They don't look too shabby!
-Went home; babe helped me pack and load my car. Imma miss home!

-Work! Got some of Roy's stuff done, then Ice Cream Machine for me! It was hard resisting temptation, but I did it for you babe!
-Went cruising around Monterey. I found out that it's one giant circle. No matter how hard I tried to get lost, I always got back to a place that I was familiar with!

-Work! Drama Drama Drama! Not on me though, One on Katie and tons on Suzanne. Bleh.
-Phonedate with Kim! I like how we don't talk for days, because we have so much more to tell; Kim! I'm so happy for you. I know that he's going to treat you right, and if he doesn't, I'll deal with him. But I know that I wont have to. You truly deserve this! I hope you guys stick it out and last a long time. Long distance is tough, but you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it!
-Moviedate with Anna! I originally wanted to watch My Sister's Keeper, but they didn't offer it online, then I wanted to watch Sliding Doors, but that wasn't there either. So we just ended up watching this movie called Timer. It's pretty good! I really liked it.

"If a clock could count down to the exact moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?"

-Work. I was cramping so much today that I couldn't bear it anymore. I was allowed to leave early. Yes!
-I decided that I wouldn't do anything at the apartment besides watching tv shows and sitting down. Which doesn't really help with my cramps... so I went to Carmel in search of Sur La Table
-Found it after 10 minutes! Splurgeeeeeed!
-Michaels afterwards and bought a corkbottle.
-Target! They don't carry chocolate covered pretzels! Do you know how disappointing that is?
-When I came back, I ate some hamburger helper and watched Bones.
-Clover is missing, so I would sincerely appreciate it if you guys went out to search for him.
     I called my brothers to go look, but they're too friggen lazy, so I talked to my dad and he said that he'll look tomorrow. But then I whine and complained, which didn't work, until I started to cry. Then he said he'd go look for him. Yay! I hope my dad found Clover! I was about to up and leave and go home to look for him too! No lie.
     So yea... I hope Clover comes home, safe and soundly. I hope no one took him away or ran him over. I'd be devastated and pissed at the world. No joke. I really would. Seriously, no matter how annoying Clover can be, I was there when he was a cute little puppy. I watched him grow up and I taught him all of his tricks. I took him to the groomer and to the vet. I showered him and walked him around. Out of everyone in my family, I take care of Clover the most, so I would be really depressed if something bad were to happen...

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