Sorry for the late blogs! I have had too many things happening at once.

     In the morning, I began to pack my bags and boxes so I could get ready to go home.
     Work was slow today. We finished everything quick so in the last hour and a half, we kind of just stalled around. I reorganized stuff. Oh yea, today, it was just Roberto, who left early, Megan, Katie and I.
     After work, I went back to the pad, packed more last minute things, then went straight home. I got home in record time! 1 hour! Wootwoot! Lol. Omg! Best thing everr. When I got home, I texted Timmy and like 1 minute later, he shows up at the front of my steps. Such a sweetie! He helped me move my stuff back to my room and we just kind of chilled around. We then decided to go walk to the park, then to Darren's where Wilson came later. We watched the half end of Wall-e. Timmy had to go home so I walked him home and waited for Wilson and Darren to come.
     Hieu randomly called me and told me that everyone was gonna come over. Everyone meaning Akash, David, Alex, Hieu, Alan, Wilson, Darren. They ambushed my house and watched a documentary on Giant people. I had to kick them out around 2AM though. By then, I was effin` exhausteddddddd.

    Timmy randomly showed up at my house around 8ish today. What a great surprise! We layed around for a bit but eventually decided to go out. He took me to Target where we circled the whole thing twice before leaving. I didn't buy anything though. Then, we went to the Bank to get some stuff sorted out and ate at ChowKing. The food was ehh, but the company was superb.
     Timmy took me home and helped me wash my car. Milo is so clean now! Then we cleaned his car and then my momma's. 3 cars in under 1.5 hours! Win! Thank you Timmy! I really appreciate everything you have done for me. After he left for school, I washed Clover and took a shower myself. Once I got out, Kim texted me and we randomly made plans to hang out.
      So, I picked up Kim, then we went to the dojo to talk to Allan Dale and throw a frisbee around. Kim, being the smart girl she is, threw the frisbee, which ricotcheted off of one of the wall thingys and made it crooked! That thing was screwed in the wall and we couldn't get it back in! FAIL. Somehow, we pulled some type of voodoo and made it temporarily work. I hope it still stays up!
     After the students started to come in, Kim and I headed off to Sweethearts for our usual. Crispy chicken, pearl drinks, and one of the best conversations ever! Kim, I love talking to you, you make me think about the things in my life and you make me realize how much I have to appreciate in my life. After Sweethearts, I hung out at her place for a little, then went home. Timmy picked me up and took me to YOSWIRL! My favoritee, he knows me too well. keke.
     So, we shared a bowl of froyo, then he took me to the bart station. We chilled outside and waited for the guys to come. When they came, we said our goodbyes and I met up with everyone else.
     Yay for quarters! Bart Ticket WIN! Haha. A'S GAME with Darren, Wilson, Alex Tu, Jesse and Perry! Wootwoot! Our seats weren't that bad actually. On wednesdays, they have $1 Hotdogs... so of course, all of the guys bought hella hotdogs. I pulled a prank on Darren and took out one of the dogs in his hotdog. When he was about to eat it, he had a WTF face on. It was sooooo effin` funny!! Anyways. I was kind of lost during the game, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. Darren, Wilson and I decided to shout out randomass stuff like "WOWOWOWOWOOWOW" "JEEM GEE SAI YO!" Haha. There was a black dude sitting 2 rows in front of us who turned around and started laughing at us. Best moment ever! We all high fived each other. In the end, the A's lost against the Yankees. I didn't get home around 11ish.
     When I got home, I couldn't sleep so I started packing my bags and stuff. I also talked to Timmy. Keke. Right after I said good night and wished him sweet dreams, he called me with his cute voice all quiet and all and said good night. I felt like it was the sweetest thing ever. I eventually went to bed at 3 though.

    Timmy came over this morning! We were so exhausted from the morning so we litterally just laid in bed all morning.. Well, for about an hour and a half. I really wanted to make pancakes, but I didn't have the recipe and my pancake mix was expired so Timmy just took me to ihop instead. We ordered so much food... Steak Omlette, appetizer and 3 buttermilk pancakes. We split it between each other but it was super filling. We just went back to my place and layed and talked around for a good 10-20 minutes. Eventually, he left for work.
     I took an hour nap, then packed my cars. I said bye to my momma and gave her a hug, filled up gas and ventured off to pebble. When I got there, I unpacked some stuff, then Brent called because we were supposed to chill today. We went off to the Inn, I showed him around some places and I got to ride in his Miata. We went on 17 mile drive and to the Lodge. After leaving Pebble Beach and going to Carmel, he came over, ate some food, then I kicked him out for I were to clean the apartment. Ughh........
     Right now, I'm just talking to people online and stuff. I'm super full, alone and waiting for this cutie to get off of work. Anyways... Yeaaaaaaa
     Today has been the first official day of my hermit-ness. I woke up @ 8 and began doing poli hw. After I finished all of my poli hw, I printed it out and began the next thing on my list: Business. I read about halfway through the chapter, got sleepy and took a nap.
     An hour later, I went back on the PC, talked to Jenann for a bit, and got inspired to quickly finish my hw so I can go swimming. As I did my math hw, I got hella lost. What the hell is DeMoivre's theorm? Well, okay, we learned that in class. But STILL! It so goddamn confusing! I ended up just giving up. I switched over to making my cheat sheet instead.
     Once I finished, I got ready and headed over to Jenann's place. Swimming in the neighborhood pool! The water was cool and the place was empty! Sweet! After about half an hour of swimming, a family of 4 came in so we weren't alone anymore.
     It was fun swimming with Jenann. We talked about a lot of things! We also ate hella chips and junk food. Oiy. I just burned off those calories too! Fail! Haha. After swimming, it seems as though you get extreme munchies! I love swimming though. I definitely miss it.
     After an hour or so, we went back to her place and decided to "stalk" some people. Haha. Good times, good times.

Happy Father's Day Father!

     When I got home, we ate steak for Father's day. I feel kind of bad that I wasn't able to get anything for my dad. I wish I did, I just didn't have anytime to even think of doing something. I need to learn how to prioritize and treat the ones I truly love with a better attitude and more respect.
     Around 9ish, I went over to Wilson's to brawl. I seriously suck at this game. I played with Kenny, Wilson, Perry and Alex Tu. I went home around 10 though. I let Wilson borrow my game/controllers and console. Afterall, I have his external, so we're even.
     So now I'm home. I'm getting sleepy, so I guess it's time to call it a night. Good night!
     The day at the beach yesterday was the SHIT!

     Woke up @ 8. Got some reading for polisci done. Picked up Clarice and headed over to my classmate's house for our "study group" meeting around 12. We took some group pictures of us as proof that we met up, then we left after about 5 or so minutes. I took Clarice home, then went home and cleaned out my car a bit.
     Once it was 1:30, the guys (Perry and Hieu) showed up and we left to go to Sharon's place. Upon arrival, Sharon and Vince hopped in my car and we went to a nearby tapioca joint to grab some snacks before leaving. I must thank Perry for paying for my food (although he did owe me to start with). I ordered the Crispy chicken combo (chicken + milk tea). So delish! Especially after a hard day's work of no food.
     Seacliff Beach! It's so windy there. I kind of wish we went to Carmel b/c the sand is much finer and cleaner. This beach had a bunch of rocks and twigs in it. It kind of sucked, but that's life.
     So many people were there! I was shocked. I'm so glad I went though. It was so much fun. Sharon and I started off by wading in the water. Then she decided to be a stripper and got down to her bikini. Sharon went full out in the water with Sherwin. Elizabeth, Eugene, Jasmine and I decided to not get fully wet and walked around in the water for a bit.
     After that, Sharon and I joined the guys and played a game I believe they called "God". That's where the ball as to be kicked 3 times consecutively, after the 3rd kick, someone grabs the ball and pegs it at someone. Pretty fun! Albert is definitely a beast. I got to peg Perry in the back! Bitchin! Haha.
     A few rounds of that later, we then transitioned to tackle football. If I remember correctly, the teams were:
1- Darren, Akash, Richard, Elizabeth, Tiana, Nhat, Van, Alan, David, Vince, and Kevin.  
2. Albert, Hieu, Eugene, Andrew, Tuan, Edward, Alex Tu, Wilson, Sharon, Alex G, and I
     I definitely felt that chicken in my stomach later on. It was pretty fun yet tiring. I got to tackle some people! Eugene and Richard were definitely at it! Richard mauled Eugene a bunch of times, but in the end, Eugene broke Richard's glasses by tackling him. LMAO! Also, there was some random dude from Alberquerque who played with us. He's pretty good!
    The game ended shortly after a few guys almost ran over a baby. Elizabeth, Sharon and I took some pretty randomass/funny jumping and posing pics.
     A few rounds of that later, we then transitioned to tackle football. If I remember correctly, the teams were:
1- Darren, Akash, Richard, Elizabeth, Tiana, Nhat, Van, Alan, David, Vince, and Kevin.  
2. Albert, Hieu, Eugene, Andrew, Tuan, Edward, Alex Tu, Wilson, Sharon, Alex G, and I
     I definitely felt that chicken in my stomach later on. It was pretty fun yet tiring. I got to tackle some people! Eugene and Richard were definitely at it! Richard mauled Eugene a bunch of times, but in the end, Eugene broke Richard's glasses by tackling him. LMAO! Also, there was some random dude from Alberquerque who played with us. He's pretty good!
    The game ended shortly after a few guys almost ran over a baby. Elizabeth, Sharon and I took some pretty randomass/funny jumping and posing pics.
     Omg! Tuan, Kevin, and Van play the guitar. I swear to god, I was in love for the longest time. They were all free styling it and everything too. Amazing. We all shared Van's Classical guitar. I got to showed them my noobie skills! Haha. I'm so gonna ask Kevin to teach me. He recommended some songs for me to learn. I'm currently on More Than Words - Extreme (cover by Frankie J). 
     Anyways, we sang to Elizabeth. She opened her gift from all of us (iPod nano in Black) and we just chilled around some more. By the time it was 10ish, we all packed up and headed back to San Jose.
     The traffic was terrible! Tuan was following me and he drives like an effin grandma! Lol. Darren was leading, Edward then followed behind. I followed behind Edward and Tuan behind me. But since Tuan was so slow, I had to slow down so much in order for him to not be lost. I got there perfectly fine though. We all met up at Denny's and got our own separate room. Sweet!
     Since Sharon and I didn't have any money, we kind of sat there and chatted with each other while trying to withstand the temptation of food. Everyone was basically high off of sleep. It was fun while it lasted. We stayed at Denny's till 2 AM!
     I then dropped off Sharon, then went home. I almost immediately KO'd when I got home.

     4 hours of sleep+Cotillion Practice. It was fun today, but not a lot of people showed up. After that, I met up with Jenann and Kat and we carpooled together to the Boiling Crab. The wait was 2 hours! Ughh. Kim, Anthony, Tiffany, Kjn, Jen, Ben, Alex, Jenann, Kat and I just chilled outside for about an hour or so waiting for Jen's friends to come. When they came, we then decided on where to eat at.
     Red Lobster! This was my second time going. My first time was when I went on a date with Daniel. I ordered the Crab Alfredo. It was pretty good! They also gave us bread, which was absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop eating it!
     Luncheon was fun. Its definitely amazing on how different we all are now. We're constantly changing and growing up! It's only in a matter of time when we all go our separate ways once again for college. I love my karate family! Absolutely love.
     When I got home, I did some stuff for my grandma, then KO'd on the bed. I slept till 8! Lol. When I woke up, I got one more reading article done. Now I'm trying to stall as much as possible. I'm not that sleepy right now, so maybe I'll do as much HW as possible by tomorrow. Blah! Hungry is overcoming me, but I must prevail! (12:43AM)

P.S. There were some pretty dodgy photos of me online, so I untagged myself. Sorry fellas! I untagged most of the pics where I had my hands on my hip. Whatcaniay? It's my favorite pose? Haha.
So much to recap on! Quick recaps!

     Veggielution-Water sunflowers and weeded corn. Helped Mark and Will with the irrigation system, that took a hecka long time!
     Stopped by PCI, Will picked me up and we went to Panera Bread for luncheon. I eat so slow.
     Santa Cruz! Nice, chill ride up there. We hit traffic, but it was alright. When we got there, we boarded around a bit, checked out the boardwalk and had a game of bowling. I hella owned him; I'm getting better! We hit some board shops, but was unlucky with the wheels.
     Will got a ticket for not having a permit in a certain parking spot! I still feel bad to this day, but he was like "whatever" about it. We then went to Santa Cruz Board Shop in this random-ass area. It was really nice though. The guy there was definitely cool. So many wheels to choose from! Same goes with bearings! I ended up buying $40 Blue candy-like wheels (69 mm, 80 a) Fuck yeaahhh!! The guy who worked there put them in for me too! He was so awesome, I know for a fact that he didn't try to rip me off or anything b/c Will asked him if I need more raisers, but he said that I could, but my board was fine, plus it costs money.
     After that, we went to explore the beaches. He took me to Scotts Creek Beach (or something like that). It was super windy and partial deserted. The sand was nice, but we only stayed for a little bit b/c the wind was going insane. After a few more stops to the homless farming community and to the whale bones, we then headed back home. I had such a fun time. I liked that it was all random and spontaneous.
     Cotillion practice! I was late by like 10 or so minutes, but I immediately partnered up with Ferly and got some of the moves down. I missed out on so much! We did pretty well! After practice, Cosmo helped me out a little more, then we went to Starbucks for a little chat. We talked till it was almost 9! Lol.

     Woke up and did some math homework.
     Dress shopping! I met up at Jen's around 11, but Allyson and Kirsten didn't come till 12ish. Fail! Lol. When we got to Valleyfair, we met up with Erin and Junette at Macys' juniors. It's not dress season anymore! We couldn't find dresses anywhere! We ended up just trying on a few dresses, then heading out.
     Yum yum! Coldstone for the win! Right Allyson? (winkwink). Everyone else went to get some froyo while Allyson and I decided to be cool and get Coldstone. The guy who served us was this dude from my polysci class, but he dropped out. I was like "Allyson! I KNOW HIM!" and she told me to talk to him so I was like "HELL NO" at first. But after she ordered, I decided to just chat with him. He's pretty cute and pretty nice. Too bad he was such a douche in class. He annoyed the hell out of me... I almost forgot to pay for my ice cream because I was talking so much. Lol! Fail times 2. Allyson really thinks he's good looking though. He's just a white guy with gages. Lol!
     After, Allyson and I looked for the others but they were gone, so we decided to sit down and talk. After that, we searched for the others while looking for dresses at the same time. No luck. Allyson, Jen, Kirsten and I ended up going to Forever 21 to shop. I bought $80 worth of clothes! It's so worth it! We then went shoe shopping and found something that was really nice. It was the same heels I got for prom, the white ones. I'm going to bring them to Cosmo to see if they are okay to use, if so, we're gonna order it in a different color. I hope it works!
     Crossroads afterwards. Bought myself a nice vest/cardigan thingy. I took everyone home afterwards, then went to my brother's band picnic thingy. Jen came there with her mom, ironically. Lol! I'll try to make this long story short.
     Dirty park bathrooms, walked to Wilson's to use bathroom. No Wilson. Walked back to park. Chilled with Jen. Momma needed to use the bathroom so I walked with her to Wilson's. Yay for Wilson! He was there. I played with his 2 dogs. Then Wilson and I took Kobe for a walk to the park. Dog likes ball. Chilled with Wilson, Wilson goes home. Chill with Jen, Jen goes home. Have heart to heart with youngest brother. Then we all go home.
     After that, around 10ish, I hung out with Darren and Wilson. Go to Walmart, then to Borders, then go find Eugene. We see skunk and run for our lives. Chilled outside for a bit (no Eugene). Go home. Brawled with Wilson and Darren till 1 in the morning. Sleep

     HOMEWORK + Clean the house.
     Picked up Wilson, Michelle and Perry. BART TO SF!
     Eat @ Sam's Diner. The service was SLOW today. I have no clue why, but the food was good.
     WICKEDDDDDDDDDD. I liked it the first time. But it's still good either way. I love this musical!
     3 hours later, we walked around SF. Went window shopping, got Jamba Juice. Chugged the drink and barted back home.
     When I got home, I tried to do homework, but instead had a Brawl party in my room with all of my cousins and brothers. Effin` insane. I suck at this game! Yay for ice cream cakes! Brawled some more, then talked to my Aunt about my future. Shian came later! We had girl talk, then I drove Maggie, Remy and Wayne home with Shian and Calvin in the car. Mogos afterwards! Saw Hammy, Weesona and Eugene. Nomnom, short ribs sliders.
     Went home. Watched Ninja Assassin with Shian, Jordan and my brothers... Bloody ass movie. Rain is so hot though, but it was too gory for me. Afterwards, Shian and I talked some more, then she went home. Sleep!
     Homework ALL DAY. I took a nap though. Nothing eventful today besides homework.. Yay...
I liked the dress I had on. But look at my badass tanline...