Everyday in class, Nicky always asks us "What's good in your life?" He makes us forget the negatives and revolve our world around something positive. I tend to forget the good stuff in my life when all this negative chi is around me. But all of this is messing up my mojo. So really, what's good in my life?

1. My family and friends, first and foremost. No explanation needed.
2. My Career. It's going on a slow and steady pace, but I'm ahead of the game!
3. The fact that De Anza is almost over, therefore I get to go to Pebble Beach!
4. I'm a 2nd degree black belt
5. I love to Bake
6. I love to play and listen to music
7. I have a dog.
8. I was raised up in an awesome stable family and household.
9. I was asked to TA for Nicky's class and lastly
10. I have a Droid.