Sorry for not picking up your call sweetiee, we were already in bed and lights were out. I didn't want to disturb Lauren or anything because she had to work at 7 in the morning. Yea..
     I woke up, did nothing till 12, picked up Megan, then headed off to work. I made more rice crispies today, 2 types of fountain chocolate, made more foccacia bread and did other things that I cannot recall. My memory seems to be getting worse. This worries me.
     I need to stop eating at work. All those left over brownies and rice crispies are making me feel terrible inside. First, I splurge. I eat and eat. Then I get full and go into a sugar coma. By the time break hits, I am no longer hungry, I no longer want to eat anything. I need to stop this insane habit. It does not benefit myself nor does it benefit anything in general. I can't help myself though. I guess that I have to make a promise to myself that I will only eat at work if its real food (like bread or fruits or something) or if I'm tasting it. Blahh. I brought my shorts inside from my car (Thank you for putting it in my car Albert!) I shall now wear leggings, shorts and a hoodie and jog every morning... Starting tomorrow. I'm such a lazy bum. Terrible, terrible me.
     After dropping off Megan after work, I ventured my way to Walmart where I splurged on air fresheners, post-its, glue and a new planner.
     Now I'm back at the apartment. lonesome and whatnot. Walmart didn't carry large sketchbooks so now I have to go to Michaels and buy one. Inspiration from my dear Kim. It'll definitely keep me occupied here. I'll get to remenice about the gool 'ol days. Oh, this will definitely be interesting. Most definitely.
     Sorry for the late blogs! I have had too many things happening at once.

     In the morning, I began to pack my bags and boxes so I could get ready to go home.
     Work was slow today. We finished everything quick so in the last hour and a half, we kind of just stalled around. I reorganized stuff. Oh yea, today, it was just Roberto, who left early, Megan, Katie and I.
     After work, I went back to the pad, packed more last minute things, then went straight home. I got home in record time! 1 hour! Wootwoot! Lol. Omg! Best thing everr. When I got home, I texted Timmy and like 1 minute later, he shows up at the front of my steps. Such a sweetie! He helped me move my stuff back to my room and we just kind of chilled around. We then decided to go walk to the park, then to Darren's where Wilson came later. We watched the half end of Wall-e. Timmy had to go home so I walked him home and waited for Wilson and Darren to come.
     Hieu randomly called me and told me that everyone was gonna come over. Everyone meaning Akash, David, Alex, Hieu, Alan, Wilson, Darren. They ambushed my house and watched a documentary on Giant people. I had to kick them out around 2AM though. By then, I was effin` exhausteddddddd.

    Timmy randomly showed up at my house around 8ish today. What a great surprise! We layed around for a bit but eventually decided to go out. He took me to Target where we circled the whole thing twice before leaving. I didn't buy anything though. Then, we went to the Bank to get some stuff sorted out and ate at ChowKing. The food was ehh, but the company was superb.
     Timmy took me home and helped me wash my car. Milo is so clean now! Then we cleaned his car and then my momma's. 3 cars in under 1.5 hours! Win! Thank you Timmy! I really appreciate everything you have done for me. After he left for school, I washed Clover and took a shower myself. Once I got out, Kim texted me and we randomly made plans to hang out.
      So, I picked up Kim, then we went to the dojo to talk to Allan Dale and throw a frisbee around. Kim, being the smart girl she is, threw the frisbee, which ricotcheted off of one of the wall thingys and made it crooked! That thing was screwed in the wall and we couldn't get it back in! FAIL. Somehow, we pulled some type of voodoo and made it temporarily work. I hope it still stays up!
     After the students started to come in, Kim and I headed off to Sweethearts for our usual. Crispy chicken, pearl drinks, and one of the best conversations ever! Kim, I love talking to you, you make me think about the things in my life and you make me realize how much I have to appreciate in my life. After Sweethearts, I hung out at her place for a little, then went home. Timmy picked me up and took me to YOSWIRL! My favoritee, he knows me too well. keke.
     So, we shared a bowl of froyo, then he took me to the bart station. We chilled outside and waited for the guys to come. When they came, we said our goodbyes and I met up with everyone else.
     Yay for quarters! Bart Ticket WIN! Haha. A'S GAME with Darren, Wilson, Alex Tu, Jesse and Perry! Wootwoot! Our seats weren't that bad actually. On wednesdays, they have $1 Hotdogs... so of course, all of the guys bought hella hotdogs. I pulled a prank on Darren and took out one of the dogs in his hotdog. When he was about to eat it, he had a WTF face on. It was sooooo effin` funny!! Anyways. I was kind of lost during the game, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. Darren, Wilson and I decided to shout out randomass stuff like "WOWOWOWOWOOWOW" "JEEM GEE SAI YO!" Haha. There was a black dude sitting 2 rows in front of us who turned around and started laughing at us. Best moment ever! We all high fived each other. In the end, the A's lost against the Yankees. I didn't get home around 11ish.
     When I got home, I couldn't sleep so I started packing my bags and stuff. I also talked to Timmy. Keke. Right after I said good night and wished him sweet dreams, he called me with his cute voice all quiet and all and said good night. I felt like it was the sweetest thing ever. I eventually went to bed at 3 though.

    Timmy came over this morning! We were so exhausted from the morning so we litterally just laid in bed all morning.. Well, for about an hour and a half. I really wanted to make pancakes, but I didn't have the recipe and my pancake mix was expired so Timmy just took me to ihop instead. We ordered so much food... Steak Omlette, appetizer and 3 buttermilk pancakes. We split it between each other but it was super filling. We just went back to my place and layed and talked around for a good 10-20 minutes. Eventually, he left for work.
     I took an hour nap, then packed my cars. I said bye to my momma and gave her a hug, filled up gas and ventured off to pebble. When I got there, I unpacked some stuff, then Brent called because we were supposed to chill today. We went off to the Inn, I showed him around some places and I got to ride in his Miata. We went on 17 mile drive and to the Lodge. After leaving Pebble Beach and going to Carmel, he came over, ate some food, then I kicked him out for I were to clean the apartment. Ughh........
     Right now, I'm just talking to people online and stuff. I'm super full, alone and waiting for this cutie to get off of work. Anyways... Yeaaaaaaa
     Today, there was a million dollar wedding. I made so many of those friggen white chocolate fan thingys. It looks friggen awesome though! Ana also let me help plate. So awesome!
     Happy 4th of July! Only Megan, Katie and I worked today. Katie got lucky and got to go home early. I don't remember much at work. I made Creme Anglaise, Kahlua Mousse and some other stuff that I don't remember. Anyways, by the end of my shift, it was just Megan and I. Our shift ended at 9:30 btw.. so much for a 4th of July. Oh wells. Megan was gonna take me to watch A Team, but at the last minute, her husband and son were coming home so she had to cancel on me. I ended up just chilling at the apartment as Anna and Lauren were in SF, so lucky. Welps, you know what they say! C'est la vie.
     Timmy called me! We talked for a long time, until his phone died of course. Fail!

     Banquet today! I made the Kahlua whipped cream for the Kahlua mousse cake, mixed berry cobbler and I helped Megan finish the port glass dessert. Yum yum! I hate that my phone has sucky quality, C'est la vie.
     I would post up the other 2, but in the words of Ana, "Too Sexual!" Well, what I mean is, this is not as sexual as the other 2. But the Kahlua Pie looked and smelled so friggen delicious! I want some! Lol. Oh yea! It was just Megan, Katie and I again for today. Roberto was there in the morning, but he got off eventually.
     When I got back at the apartment, I waited for Anna and Lauren to get ready, then we headed off to Target! YESH! Bonding time with the roomies. I bought a locker shelf, a notebook, a new MCS CD. YESHH!!! And a bunch of food. We also went to Savemart where I bought ice cream and turkey and such. Yum!!
     When we got back, we watched Couples Retreat, then I talked to Timmy for a bit, then went to bed.

     I'm coming home!!! I can't wait. I have to do my laundry and pack clothes that are suitable for this weather.. Haha, I said suit. Apparently I'm gonna go to a baseball game now.. The guys bought be tickets. They miss me already! Haha. This is gonna be fun sctuff.
     I can't wait to see YOU again. I'm in serious need of a hug. Its cold over here and I need someone to warm me up. I miss you! I miss everyone! I feel like I've been deprived of civilization! Haha.