Sorry for not picking up your call sweetiee, we were already in bed and lights were out. I didn't want to disturb Lauren or anything because she had to work at 7 in the morning. Yea..
     I woke up, did nothing till 12, picked up Megan, then headed off to work. I made more rice crispies today, 2 types of fountain chocolate, made more foccacia bread and did other things that I cannot recall. My memory seems to be getting worse. This worries me.
     I need to stop eating at work. All those left over brownies and rice crispies are making me feel terrible inside. First, I splurge. I eat and eat. Then I get full and go into a sugar coma. By the time break hits, I am no longer hungry, I no longer want to eat anything. I need to stop this insane habit. It does not benefit myself nor does it benefit anything in general. I can't help myself though. I guess that I have to make a promise to myself that I will only eat at work if its real food (like bread or fruits or something) or if I'm tasting it. Blahh. I brought my shorts inside from my car (Thank you for putting it in my car Albert!) I shall now wear leggings, shorts and a hoodie and jog every morning... Starting tomorrow. I'm such a lazy bum. Terrible, terrible me.
     After dropping off Megan after work, I ventured my way to Walmart where I splurged on air fresheners, post-its, glue and a new planner.
     Now I'm back at the apartment. lonesome and whatnot. Walmart didn't carry large sketchbooks so now I have to go to Michaels and buy one. Inspiration from my dear Kim. It'll definitely keep me occupied here. I'll get to remenice about the gool 'ol days. Oh, this will definitely be interesting. Most definitely.
    Work work work. I made some stuff for Peppolis. I made a crapload of Rice Krispies! I know that my rule is NO GELATIN, but I couldn't help myself! It was just so delicious! Argg. Must restrainnn. All this food is seriously gonna make me fat. Blehh.
     When I came back to the pad, I just chilled in my room. Watched HIMYM and surfed the net. I waited for Lauren to come back from work b/c she was going to stay in my room for the night. Anna's mom came to visit so Anna and her mom got their room. Lauren's sister also came down but she wanted to sleep on the couch instead. I feel badd. I told her that she's welcome to stay in my room, but I guess not. Maybe I DO snore.... AWKWARDD.
     Today, there was a million dollar wedding. I made so many of those friggen white chocolate fan thingys. It looks friggen awesome though! Ana also let me help plate. So awesome!
     Happy 4th of July! Only Megan, Katie and I worked today. Katie got lucky and got to go home early. I don't remember much at work. I made Creme Anglaise, Kahlua Mousse and some other stuff that I don't remember. Anyways, by the end of my shift, it was just Megan and I. Our shift ended at 9:30 btw.. so much for a 4th of July. Oh wells. Megan was gonna take me to watch A Team, but at the last minute, her husband and son were coming home so she had to cancel on me. I ended up just chilling at the apartment as Anna and Lauren were in SF, so lucky. Welps, you know what they say! C'est la vie.
     Timmy called me! We talked for a long time, until his phone died of course. Fail!

     Banquet today! I made the Kahlua whipped cream for the Kahlua mousse cake, mixed berry cobbler and I helped Megan finish the port glass dessert. Yum yum! I hate that my phone has sucky quality, C'est la vie.
     I would post up the other 2, but in the words of Ana, "Too Sexual!" Well, what I mean is, this is not as sexual as the other 2. But the Kahlua Pie looked and smelled so friggen delicious! I want some! Lol. Oh yea! It was just Megan, Katie and I again for today. Roberto was there in the morning, but he got off eventually.
     When I got back at the apartment, I waited for Anna and Lauren to get ready, then we headed off to Target! YESH! Bonding time with the roomies. I bought a locker shelf, a notebook, a new MCS CD. YESHH!!! And a bunch of food. We also went to Savemart where I bought ice cream and turkey and such. Yum!!
     When we got back, we watched Couples Retreat, then I talked to Timmy for a bit, then went to bed.

     I'm coming home!!! I can't wait. I have to do my laundry and pack clothes that are suitable for this weather.. Haha, I said suit. Apparently I'm gonna go to a baseball game now.. The guys bought be tickets. They miss me already! Haha. This is gonna be fun sctuff.
     I can't wait to see YOU again. I'm in serious need of a hug. Its cold over here and I need someone to warm me up. I miss you! I miss everyone! I feel like I've been deprived of civilization! Haha.
-Lunch Date with Kim && Jenann!!
     -Pizza Antica <3
     - Color Me Mine <33
          - I made a Cupcake container thingy.
- WC Sunnyvale FAIL!
     -Kjn took the day off on Monday. Of all days...
-WC Milpitas!
     -Chilled inside the office.
     - Talked to everyone after Black belt class was over. I'm gonna miss them!!
     -Darren and Wilson came over to "help"
         -Unpacked my pads.. LoL!

- iHop breakfast with Eugene!
     -Nom nom nom!!
- Luncheon avec Hieu
     -Krungthai! Pad thai for the win!
     -Hieu was sweating balls because his dish was so spicy. LOL!
- Dessert with Ben.
     -Yoswirl! <3
- Mission Peak Night hike!!!
     -Hecka warm hike. Fun but scary
     -I hate cows. I almost cried when I saw them. EFF YOU COWS!!!
     -Sunset <3
     -Hiked down with Timmy who kept me company. hehe.
- In & Out adventure.
     - Truth Dare or Make it Dirty with the guys. Too funny.

     This one I'm going to write out properly. Keke.
     So I woke up around 5:30 AM and got ready to go to Pebble Beach. Timmy came over and drove us there. So much fun. I kept freaking out because I thought that we missed the exits, but Timmy's just a really good driver.
     So I took my drug test, went to the HR Building, signed paperwork, went to orientation for 4 hours. SORRY TIMMY! (He went to all of the destinations in 17 mile drive. He did a photoshoot for Milo too! So sweet) Anyways, when i got out of orientation, he was waiting for me, then he drove me to the payroll place so I could get my ID card and stuff. Then I went to the Inn at Spanish Bay to talk to Vicki and Chef Anastasia. I asked tons of questions. When I got out, Timmy drove us back to the HR place so I could get my keys. That was our final stop which ended around 2ish?
     Anyways, we took a drive around 17 mile, then to Carmel-by-the-Sea. I love that beach. We chilled there for a while. Then we went back in town and ate at Internation Cusine. Yum! Timmy told me stories about his 1029479283570392481 different girlfriends. Lol! Just kidding, he's only had about 6. For me, only 2. What a difference.
     On the ride home, I basically KO'd. I feel bad though because I didn't keep Timmy company. Thank you for driving! When we got home, Timmy and I chilled in my room all brain dead and whatnot. Darren and Wilson eventually came over and they all just watched me pack.
     It was tough to say good bye, but I did it anyways. The hardest to depart from was Timmy. Immamissyou! <3 Two months almost seems impossible!
     Shortly after that, I left to pebble beach. Their city lights are beautiful! My roommates are Anna and Lauren. After I settled in for a bit, they invited me out to watch the midnight premier of The Last Airbender. Seriously, I was drained! I had to fall asleep a few times. I thought that movie was good... but then again, I think a lot of movies are good when they're not. Don't ask for my opinion! We didn't get home till 2! I definitely KO'd.

     I immediately woke up around 8 today. I saw Timmy's "Good Morning!" text, but I ended up forcing myself to go back to sleep before I would respond. When I woke up at 9, I just went on the internet and stuff. Then Anna showed me the way to work.
      WORK! Chef Anastasia started me off with making a flourless chocolate cake! GAHH. Lol. It looks soo good though. After that, She let me help her with her wedding cake. Keke. yesh! My first day and I got to help with something big! She was like, "I know you have good attention to detail". So awesome.
     I also made passionfruit curd (YUM!) and chocolate pudding. She also let me sauce 43 plates for the dinner time. I feel so privileged! haha. By the time it was 7:30, I was out and on my way back to the apartment.
     I didn't do much when I got back. Just watched some Vampire Diaries, sort of chatted, then the girls went to bed early b/c of work. Lala. Nothing to do. I'm hungry again! There's nothing to eat!!! Till tomorrow.