Today has been the first official day of my hermit-ness. I woke up @ 8 and began doing poli hw. After I finished all of my poli hw, I printed it out and began the next thing on my list: Business. I read about halfway through the chapter, got sleepy and took a nap.
     An hour later, I went back on the PC, talked to Jenann for a bit, and got inspired to quickly finish my hw so I can go swimming. As I did my math hw, I got hella lost. What the hell is DeMoivre's theorm? Well, okay, we learned that in class. But STILL! It so goddamn confusing! I ended up just giving up. I switched over to making my cheat sheet instead.
     Once I finished, I got ready and headed over to Jenann's place. Swimming in the neighborhood pool! The water was cool and the place was empty! Sweet! After about half an hour of swimming, a family of 4 came in so we weren't alone anymore.
     It was fun swimming with Jenann. We talked about a lot of things! We also ate hella chips and junk food. Oiy. I just burned off those calories too! Fail! Haha. After swimming, it seems as though you get extreme munchies! I love swimming though. I definitely miss it.
     After an hour or so, we went back to her place and decided to "stalk" some people. Haha. Good times, good times.

Happy Father's Day Father!

     When I got home, we ate steak for Father's day. I feel kind of bad that I wasn't able to get anything for my dad. I wish I did, I just didn't have anytime to even think of doing something. I need to learn how to prioritize and treat the ones I truly love with a better attitude and more respect.
     Around 9ish, I went over to Wilson's to brawl. I seriously suck at this game. I played with Kenny, Wilson, Perry and Alex Tu. I went home around 10 though. I let Wilson borrow my game/controllers and console. Afterall, I have his external, so we're even.
     So now I'm home. I'm getting sleepy, so I guess it's time to call it a night. Good night!
     I skipped Veggielution today, instead, I stayed home and did my essay. I finished around 1ish, yeah yeah! Lol. Around 5, I went to Palo Alto to begin my first day of Interning. I got to even work with Yoriko Kishimoto. She's so nice! Lol. We went door to door together, then eventually we split and tackled some houses alone. There were a lot of people who weren't sure on who they would vote for, but I hope this helped their votes.
     I got off of work a little early today, so I stopped by pizza night. Since I couldn't eat anything, I just ordered the pasta instead.Yum! Nothing really eventful at pizza night. Callum and Kevin G was there though. After, we planned to go to the beach, but we changed our plans last minute and went to play pool instead. It was just Akash, Callum, Kevin G, Eugene, Bob and I that went to play. Fun stuff. I'm getting better!

     School! My only day of school that week. Nothing important at school...
     Cotillion practice ended before I got home, so I just chilled at Darren's house. Eventually, we went to kidnap Kenny, we walked back to Darren's then chilled for a little bit longer. I had to leave though, b/c I was meeting up with Gaudry for our second meeting.
     It took me about an hour to get there! Stupid traffic. When I picked her up, we went to Santana Row and got some pearl drinks. Then we went shopping around and I got some pretty neat things! For dinner, we went to Chilis'. As we were paying the bill, guess who I saw? TONI! Surprise surprise! Lol. She's definitely different than before.
     After paying the bills, Gaudry and I decided to go home on a full stomach with no dessert. I dropped her off and then headed home myself. Not much to do now, but to enjoy an episode of Bones.