Omg! I seriously hate rewriting blogs!!!!!!
      Yay! Today is my only day off until I hit a 6 day work period. It’s gonna be long, but definitely worth it, because on the 6th day, I get paid 12 and hour. Woot woot! I’m actually hoping to have a 10 or 11 day work week though because I want to go home.
     Anywayss… let’s see. I woke up around 9 today, made oatmeal for breakfast and packed sliced apples and peanut butter for a snack. I then got ready and headed out to the Del Monte Center. I grabbed a tall sweetened green tea from Starbucks and sat outside. Too bad it was all gloomy and chilly.. Oh wells. After surfing the net, I decided to read my book; The Abs Diet. It’s so inspriring. I’m gonna try this diet!
     After that, I decided to go shopping for a bit.. hehe. Then I went to Whole Foods and bought a bunch of healthy organic food. Yay for being healthy!!!
      So I went back to the apartment, dropped off my stuff and made lunch. Then, I ventured off to Michaels… only to find out that I forgot my purse at home. So I drove back, got it, then went back to Michaels… only to realize that I didn’t have enough money to pay for my stuff. I over charged on my debit card and I only had 18 dollars on me…. So yea… I had to pay for part of my things, go back to the apartment while being low on gas. I replenished my money supply and called my mom.
     I love my mom! She put more money in the debit card for me. Although, I did get yelled and scolded at, she still filled it for me. She was like, “You overcharged! Wait until you get your credit card back! Then you can spend as much as you want.” Mann, I need to spend more wisely… blahh.
     Anyways, I went BACK to Michaels, paid for my stuff, and now I’m here at Borders just chilling. This is so relaxing. Music + blogging. Yuupp. Oh wells, I have nothing else to do anyways. I think I might go to Carmel later. Just to chill, you know? I wonder if Lauren still wants to go watch a movie… Hmm… Anyways. I might head out soon.  Byeeee

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