So we did end up going to the hills! All the guys came over, then around 1 or something, we headed off to the hills. Bob taught me some sign language! The night sky is so beautiful. An almost perfect way to end my birthday. I didn't get home till about 3! If only you were there to enjoy it with me...
     Cotillion practice! My last one! As of now of course. When I got home, I cleaned up a bit. When 1 hit, only Eugene and Timmy came. Then Chris Vu and Karen, but they left later. Cosmo also came! We got to play with his robot. Eventually, Alan, Wilson, Kim, and Darren arrived. Cosmo was giving photo tips to Alan, Darren and Timmy! Lol.
     Long story short, everyone else eventually came. At first, we just kinda sat around and chatted. Then we played apples to apples and mafia. At a point, all the guys went outside to play while I talked to Kim and Jenann.
     Thank you Kim, Darren, Jenann, Jennifer, Maggie, Shian, Sharon, Wilson, Alex Tu, Alex Nguyen, Akash, David, Perry, Hieu, Timmy, Kenny, Alan, Vince, Albert, Eugene and Calvin for all coming to my party! It wasn't as big as usual, but it was still fun.
      After cake, we all went outside and played hide and seek and sardines and cops/robber. We also sat and around and chilled for a bit. It was so fun! We were out till like 1 or 2 in the morning running around and playing in the dark.
     In one game of the sardines game, Alex Nguyen was hiding one street over, so we went on that street to look for him. We trolled the whole street, but couldn't find him. So Shian and I went back to the beginning to look for him. At one of the corner houses, there was a car parked on the sidewalk and there was a guy in the car watching us! So effin creepy! We hella ran out of there. We told the guys and they decided to call it off. Sardines is hecka fun though, kind of scary, but still fun. Oh! I met my neighbor! He's Shian's friend. His name is Alex Nguyen. Lol!
     After being creeped out, we then just went back to my place and played 2 rounds of mafia. I eventually kicked everyone out of my house by 3 though. So effin tired!
     Thanks again for coming guys! I had a fun time. You guys should just sleep over next time or something. Lol!

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