So I was just laying in bed, bored out of my mind thinking about where my life will take me. Then all of a sudden it hit me. If I don't get my shit together, I'll never make it into Santa Clara University, the school I am DYING to get in to. I need a 3.7 GPA and my current GPA is about 2.7. Fuck...
     That's when I jumped out of bed and decided on a game plan. I printed out my HW for business, looked at the course requirements to transfer and took the next step forward into my new life.
     I vow to try harder in school. Study hard and excel. I'm going to read all of the required chapters for Business and do the extra assignments to help me. I'm also going to study my ass off for Trig. For Polisci, I basically have it in the bag. All I need to do is take a page of notes on 2 reading assignments and I'll be good for the extra credit assignment.
     I can't wait till this week is finally over. I'm really sad that I couldn't take summer classes, but it's still a win/win in the end for me. I can't risk effin` up my GPA. I  MUST get into SCU. Once I have free time, I'm going to create a Pyramid Goal poster for my room to constantly remind me of what I yearn to achieve. It's going to consistently nag at me to do harder in school, to strive at the level of mastery and to NEVER accept mediocrity.
     So, if I don't respond to you in the next week, don't take it to heart, I'll just be a little hermit in my room studying.

p.s. Starting July 1st, I have decided to relocate my blog to tumblr. It's getting mighty crowded in here. I'll release the site name and everything when the time is near.

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