So today, I woke up and did basically nothing. Since I had so much time to kill, I decided to watch My Lucky Star. The first episode was so friggen long!!!!! It’s so predictable though, I already know the outcome of the whole thing.
     Anyways… Work went by pretty quickly today. Chef asked me to work over time. I stayed behind with her and Katie and helped plate up and everything. Omg! Chef asked about Timmy. Lol!

Chef: So, who did you go to the Zoo with?
Me: Uhh… starts to smile and blush This guy I like…
Chef: Ohh, does he like you back?
Me: Yeaa
Chef: So are you guys dating or something?
Me: Well, we kind of are, but we’re unofficial.

     Then she asks me if we’ve kissed and stuff. I told her that he’s gonna have to get my parents approval and she was like “Yikes!” lol! Yay for bonding with my Chef! See Timmy? There’s always something good to say about you. Keke.
     Anyways, now I’m back at the apartment. I brushed my teeth so I’m not tempted to eat anything. Must… resist!! Lol! Hmm… Maybe I’ll watch another episode of My Lucky Star.

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