Day 1:
     I met up with Royce and Allison at PCI. We headed over to Urban Outfitters to do some intense shopping. I went into the dressing room with over 20 different pieces of clothing, and we ended up just buying 4 of them. The style we were going for was "Rockabilly". It was all really nice clothes, but something I wouldn't really wear on a day to day basis. Why? Too friken expensive.
     After all that shopping at Santana Row and the Mall, I went out to brunch with them and ordered a muffin and toast. We went to Mimi's Cafe. It was an alright place; a bunch of old people plus a french styled cafe. After brunch, they took me to my car, then I just went home.
     I was going to go campaigning, (because I couldn't make it on Sunday anymore) but I ended up going home and totally falling asleep. I don't even remember much when I woke up. I think it was a mix of Bones, eating food, and chatting.

Day 2:
     Nothing eventful in the morning. I did go to my cousin's house though. It was my Grandpa's annual memorial day. I didn't stay for long. My cousins were watching the trailer on Human Centipede! LMAO! We also watched the trailer for the Horribly Slow Murder with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. It's so fucking weird, random, but kind of entertaining and annoying at the same time. Lol.
    When I got to PCI, I met up with Royce and his 2 friends. I honestly do not remember their names at the moment... Anyways, we headed out in search of an Asian themed area. We first went to Japan town, but there really wasn't anything Asian-esque there... only mexican restaurants. We then went to the Temple on McKee/Alum Rock, but there was too much lighting that Royce didn't want to force it b/c it would look hella fake. So instead, we went to a familiar park area.
     My outfit was a red flowy dress with full grey leggings and a big thick black belt, also, I wore this Blue 5-inch heels. It's so nice, but so expensive, so I had to keep it in pristine shape so that he can return them. The purses that I model with are really nice. They're just so friken expensive! But then again, it's all handmade..
     The second spot was on a different park of the park area. My wardrobe; Yellow top with a peek-a-boo back, purple jeans and just my blue sneakers. This one was a lot more interesting. Royce was like "Have you ever modeled before b/c you're really good at it!" Lol.
     After the purse modeling (there were 2 purses), we then had dinner at Taco Bell, then headed over to Mt. Hamilton. Royce wanted to cloak me in this grey flowy type fabric where I would have a straight face and the fabric would be flowing behind me as the sun set. You're going to have to check out the photos when I get it though.
    We then decided to drive through the mountain to check out the beautiful view. When Royce stopped, we all went out and took some great pictures. After a while, the 3 of us went back to the car while Royce was packing the stuff back in the trunk. Then this friken sheriff came over and yelled at him for "trespassing" and random shit like that. He was so rude too! He had that light on flight directly into the car. We were like "what the fuck.."
     Anyways, we just decided to go home. Sorry that it takes me a while to blog. I'm never really online anymore, that's why.

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