Why are you such a bitch about everything? Honestly, I believe that the world doesn't revolve around YOU, it revolves around the sun. Stop thinking that everybody is out to get you and stop attacking your best friend for it. How can one person do so much damage to another? Do you feel satisfied that you're ruining another's life just for your satisfaction? Get over yourself, seriously. I say the things I say because I don't care what others think. If you choose to hate me for it, then fuck you too. But seriously? Your best friend. The one who stuck by you when the world walked out. He was there through thick and thin, he didn't always agree on everything but he just wanted to see you happy. HAPPY, and you can't even spare him a life for that? You're not his girlfriend so get over yourself. He can talk to whoever he wants to and trust me, he deserves it, not this shit that you put onto him. Do you honestly for one second actually THINK that he's purposly trying to make you jealous? Can't he live his life without worrying about you? He doesn't deserve this shit and if you wont talk to him about it then that's your fault. Your loss at an absolutely wonderful friendship. And honestly, you rarely find people like him so you should be LUCKY to even have him as your friend, let alone having him care for you. Lucky. Seriously, you don't deserve his friendship. You have caused so much pain to him you don't even know. It's unbearable seeing him in this state of mind but I'm actually his friend. I'll say what I have to say, no matter how harsh it is, and if I cross the line I hope he tells me because I'm not afraid to face my flaws.
     Yes, I might not have all my facts straight, but look who's talking, you don't either. At least I admit it, and he does too. Look in the mirror for once and find all the flaws about you because no one is perfect. It may not be my business to say anything, but when it hurts my friend then I'll step in. If you have something to say to me, then say it, yell at me. See the fuck if I care. Don't go harassing your friends about it because I'm pretty sure they're sick of hearing your annoying drama.
     You say that you're over it, but honestly are you? No you're not because you go and block him. Who the fuck does that? Seriously. If you are honestly over it and if you're honestly MATURE then we wouldn't be in this situation. But no, you're not mature, in fact, I'll just say it. You are an Immature little child who wants everything the way that you want. Honestly, tell me, how does it feel to make someone feel shittier than dirt? To make someone actually CONSIDER giving up their life? You might find entertainment from it, but once it happens what now? You're at fault for everthing. EVERYTHING. I can't believe that you got mad at your best friend for something so LITTLE as this. It's actually ridiculous and you shouldn't even attack him for it. Remember, you are a seriously lucky person, stop taking advantage of everything in your life because one day, all of your friends will leave your side if you keep up your fucking personality. GET OVER IT. bitch
wilson cheah
7/31/2009 05:51:59 pm

i love you jessica


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