Omg, so I had a pretty good day today.
      It started out hella shitty at first, but the clouds cleared and the sun shined. So I woke up to my mom asking me to help her pull the bed out so she could vacuum underneath it. So I went out of bed hella grumpy and stuff and helped her move the bed, then I did my morning routine and downloaded some songs. I was also stressing over homework and stuff. Ughh. I can't get into any classes! I'm friken waitlisted for everything! So Yea, I was doing my hw until it was time to go. So I brought my laptop and stickered lunchbox with me and went to pick up Darren and Donald. Lala...
     After we got to De Anza, we chill in our usual spot and finish the hw and everything. When it was time for class, we came a little late so this chick with blue hair sat in Darren's usual spot. So yea, in our group sat Michelle, Kush, the blue haired girl and I. Darren and Donald sat behind us.
     In class, we had to do a "final" where it was open book and we could ask anyone for help. After we finished the final, we had to fill out this paper thing where it says what classes you are or want to take for the fall quarter, and the classes you want to take for the winter quarter. So I finished my final and paper thing real quick then chilled. When that girl was done, she left and so it was just Kush, Michelle and I but eventually Michelle left early too. So yea, I just chilled and helped out Kush with everything. Oh! Btw, I put my lunchbox on the table next to me. Lol, this is confusing. Anyways. So that really cute guy went to our table group and sat where I sat earlier and was checking out my lunchbox. Then he talked to me! He asked me if that was mine and I said yes and he asked if he could look at it, so I let him. Anyways, after that encounter we started talking and I found out that his name is Adam and he goes to Evergreen Valley High. OMG What a nice school too! Lol. So yea, he introduced me to his friend Kevin and Don and they sat in the table with me too. Adam also asked me if I was the same person with the longboard and stuff. Lol. He's really nice and good looking! Haha. Anyways, I kept asking Darren if he needed help but he was like NO I don't need help. So anyways, yea, they're really nice and funny. I wonder if I'm ever gonna see them again. I hope so. OMG the sad thing is that Adam has a gf. NO! O well.
     So after that awesome class, Darren was hecka making fun of me. He was like, "Wow, you got hit on by 3 guys!" Haha, He's just jealous! Anyways, We went to Pizza My Heart to Celebrate. Donald treated Darren and I to Pizza and he also got me a PMH Shirt! Yesh! So after one slice, I really wanted another one so Darren was like, If you do it, I'll do it" So I was like YEA! I went and bought myself another slice. Same as Darren. Gosh we're FatAsses! After PMH, I took them all home and now I'm here blogging. Work in about 2 hours. Noo...

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