Today was a pretty good day. Jen called me around 8:45 AM and we talked till about 10. After we hung up, I had breakfast and watched t.v. I got bored after a while and decided to clean my room till it was 12. It's not that clean.
     At 12, Kenny came over but I was still in my PJ's. We're supposed to watch Harry Potter 6 at 12:40 PM. Uh oh.. Lol. So I got ready and we headed out to Jamba for that buy one get one free. We got Razzmatazz and Peach Pleasure. I like the razzmatazz one better, it tasted good. We met up with Clare and Wilson Yu who both went to get some Blush. After Jamba, we all headed out to the movies. Kenny and I had to shove the Jamba in my bag to sneak it in. LOL. I paid for your KENNY. Who wears the pants now? Haha, just kidding. It's alright, you paid me back. Lol. Yup. When we got to the theater, it wasn't really crowded, we got pretty good seats. Kenny went and bought Kettle Corn for $6.50. Lol. Then Clare and Wilson met up with us. We just chilled for a bit and then the movie started. There were some really funny parts and the sad part, for those of you who watchd it.
     After the movie was finished, I actually was unsatisfied. I thought it could've been better. I just wished that Malfoy had more speaking parts. He was silent basically the whole time! Grr. Iono, I guess I just thought it'd be better. We just walked around the mall for a bit. Called Darren but he said that he's not gonna go to the mall and we, Kenny and I, just decided to go to Darren's house aferwards. Clare and James left so I had to take Wilson home. We visited Linsey but she wasn't there. Anyways, after I drove Wilson home, we went over to Darren's house. We played some rockband. Skyped with Wilson and played Nazi Zombies. Omg I suck but Darren and Kenny keep laughing at me. They think I'm funny. I got hecka lucky too! After they opened the "HELP" door, my first new gun was a ray gun. The second game, I got a machine gun and a flamethrower. I got to level 6 both rounds.
     After a while of games, we ate some dinner. I wasn't really hungry because I ate some kettle corn while we were playing games, but dinner was really good and extreemly filling. After dinner, we just chilled and syped with Wilson. Darren put him on the BIG screen! Lol. Anyways, Kenny and I left afterwards and I just went home, showered and slept. Boot camp tomarrow. 8 AM - 2 PM...Tear.

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