You decided to blog about your feelings about me? Then fuck it, I'll do the same. But this doesn't mean that I'm afraid to say it to your face. In fact, I'll say it to your face, in front of everyone, if that's how you want it to be like.
     I warned you, did I not? I told you that there are no guarantees yet you chose to look the other way. Countless times have you told me that, "I'd rather be hurt than to give up". So what happened to that? You've been getting hurt and you wont stop getting hurt until you get over it. If you're gonna act like this and hide behind a rock, ignore me, call me a bitch behind my back, then fuck you too. I told you that I wanted to be friends with you, I'm not pushing you away. Give me one time that I literally pushed you away. I said HI to you the other day, did I not?
     I didn't use you. Tell me one thing I did. One. Thing. What? I was your friend? I dumped you? I did not dump you. We never had a thing. You were making up these lies left and right and look where you ended up. You said you were happy? But didn't you say you were happier when you were around me? Whatever. I Don't Get You Too. I really like the part where you complimented me left and right, yet I disagreed, then you called me a bitch and whatever no matter how much I put myself down already.
     You know what? If you asked if I'm happy then fuck it, Yes I'm happy. I'm happy that you finally realized what a "manipulative bitch" I am. I'm happy that you found someone better than me. I'm happy that you've decided to continue your life without me. I'm happy that you say shit behind my back because it makes you feel better.
     Fuck it. You're right. Everything you said about me is correct. I am a bitch. I use people. People follow me like dogs. I won't have anyone in the end to turn to.
     It's funny how you say that people follow me around like dogs. Did you not do that? It's also funny how those dogs speak and say shit about me. Say it to my face, I'm not afraid to hear out my flaws. I'd rather know my flaws and fix it, rather than not knowing and having the world hate me.
     And you say that I won't have anyone to turn to in the end? It's not that I wont have anyone, I will have people, and those people are my close friends. If you were my friend, then you would've known what a bitch I am and have already accepted it. My close friends are honestly not scared to tell me what's up. They're not afraid to chew me out to the whole world while they're ready for me to do the same in return.
     Honestly though, I AM sincerely really happy for you. I'm glad you found that person that wont hurt you. I'm glad she's better than I am. Remember, the difference between you and everyone else is that you are you. Treat her well because you're a good person like that and she's lucky to have someone like you.
8/29/2009 03:21:39 pm

I support you through all of this even if I ever disagree. I will tell you what I think because I know you will do the same for me. Just do what you've told me before. Call me whenever anything's bothering you even if it's 3 AM. I'll be there for you. You'll have to call multiple times though :]


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